May 11th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

Shop till you drop

We did our rounds of SoHo and the more affordable Chinatown today. There wasn't much room for picture taking as these places are just fit for shopping. Name a store, and there's probably a branch in Soho. From the Prada flagship store to H&M and to any other thing you could imagine, SoHo had it.

Chinatown on the other hand reminded me a lot of Manila complete with stalls and fake things. It was nice being in such familiar territory again, except this time, everyone has tiny slits for their eyes. We ate at Nha Trang (a Vietnamese place) and of course, no one could button up their pants afterwards. Thank god for walking. This is probably the only way I burn all the things I eat up.

sweet graffiti petting Clifford
sweet graffiti
petting Clifford