May 10th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

Summer Lovin # 07

Still on the look out, I've spotted more than three hotties this week, but I have to say that these three got stuck in my head. Actually, only two of these I actually saw in real life, and the last one... well, only seen him on the television. He definitely deserved to be here though.

  • The UN Receptionist
    I definitely didn't mind going up to him to ask a silly question. Why? This guy was not only great looking, but he was soooooo nice. To go on a tour, you had to line up and buy tickets from him -- how perfect! He was so nice and just so accomodating. I know that it's probably their job to become so sweet and charming, but this guy was just plain saccharine! I was wondering whether I could go into the gardens a la The Interpreter and it was so easy just to ask him. And he's so nice that even if he said that I couldn't get into the garden, because it was closed for security reasons, I didn't care. He was enough of a sight.

  • The Bergen Boy
    I have concluded that after a week in New York, the F Train has the most hot guys. Riding the F Train for one of the last times because we've moved from Brooklyn to the City (more specific, River Terrace), I saw the Bergen Boy. Actually, he was no boy, but a man. Standing next to our seat, he had his easy grin on and was talking to this old looking guy. This guy kept talking to this old guy, and I wasn't really complaining, because he wasn't the annoying type of talker that you wanted to shut up. He was the exact opposite. Finally, the train stopped at Bergen -- just one stop before ours -- and he got off! Argh! Luckily, I had gotten my photo taking skills down, and bam! I have his pic.

  • Patrick Dempsey
    Another thing I love about being here, is having all these shows to watch. I don't even have to get out of the house to be entertained (Yeah, i'm a tv junkie). Last Sunday, after watching another wonderful show Desperate Housewives another wonderfully entertaining show came on... Grey's Anatomy. Now this show, is like an ER-esque meets Scrubs type of show. I'm not usually the fan of these things, but when I saw that Patrick Demspey (the mayor's son on Sweet Home Alabama) was starring, I couldn't resist.

    And the episode I watched was just perfect because it was the episode that he finally hooked up with the lead girl. That means, there's some romance!!! Yippee!!! This guy is scorching, I'm definitely waiting till they air this show back home.

    so many guys, so little time
emma; only girl in the world

Did What???

Q:When you wake up late and your sister has something to submit before the week is over, what do you do?
A:You stay home, heat some pocket pitas, turn on the television and watch VH1 all day.

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