May 7th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

Probably my only star sighting

When a bank tells you they're giving away free hotdogs and soda as their form of appreciating the community, never ever believe them.

Pamy and I were duped into believing that a certain bank in the lovely community of Carroll Gardens could ever be so nice. We put our trust in the fact that they were indeed telling the truth that we actually walked all the way to Cobble Hill, which is the next community, just to sample their hotdogs.

Well, guess what? There wasn't any. Not at all. I feel really bad for them, because if they can't even stay true to their word of giving away free hotdogs for lunch, then how is the community supposed to trust them with their banking needs. Such a shame.

However, we were able to sample the scrumptious pizza at Vinny's Pizzeria. Everyday, on our way home, we pass by this small store that has gigantic pizzas! These pizzas are no joke. They're really great. Vinny's definitely delivers (no pun intended!). The pizza was so good, it lasted us all the way till dinner.

It was good that it did, because I didn't want to spend any more money that day especially since we had scored a seat at Blue Note to watch Renee Olstead. Remeber, that when a jazz club tells you to be there before 7:30 pm, they REALLY mean it. Pamy and I were four minutes late to our reservation and we had no table. Luckily, we stuck it out and eventually landed our spot.

We were sandwiched in between a pair of German tourists (who were girls... damn!) and an American couple who had seen her for the third time or something. I guess they were glad we were the ones thrown at their table because we weren't exactly the average size human and therefore meant more space for them.

seated at our table unzoom it!
seated at our table
unzoom it!
signing autographs Pamy with the wall of fame
signing autographs
Pamy with the wall of fame

So everyone does small talk and we're trying to be polite. Pamy picks up a bunch of new artists from our dear seatmates who happen to be jazz connoissieurs. We end up ordering two Caesar salads and coke (thinking that it wouldn't be so so expensive!). Finally, Renee came down the stairs and passed right in front of us! I almost shrieked. Then I remembered, I was supposed to be "mature." So I restrained myself.

Jazz Club? Patty? Exactly, I felt like an elephant in a shop filled with Lladros. I am no jazz fan. I appreciate it, but I wouldn't pay money to watch anyone. However, since she's the pop-iest thing that was there and no one I liked is playing here, I decided to go along. I have to say though, that she was really good. That tiny frame had such a great voice! And she was really good with the crowd too. I'm really jealous of her singing abilities though.

After the show (the hour flew by so freaking fast! there goes our money), Pamy and I decided to check out the gift shop (every place seems to have one) upstairs. And we saw this line forming. Was it for the bathroom? Apparently not. It was to get autographs from Renee. I'm not her biggest fan, but I guess I was just craving any form of celebrity and she was the perfect one.

We finally reached her and she was really nice. She's younger than me for goodness sakes. But she was really cool and nice about it. I couldn't really say much as I had nothing to say about her music. I did tell her that I watch her show, Still Standing. Sure, I've caught like ONE episode, but it never hurt to boost her ego. She's a really great singer.

I originally planned on watching Phantom Planet at the Knitting Factory, but hey, I'm definitely not complaining.