April 27th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

New York, New York

In five hours, I'm going to be at the airport. I'm excited, scared and just plain nervous. Yeah, it's suppposed to be a vacatin. But somehow, since it's ust going to be me and Pamy, I'm actually really scared. We're going to have to be responsible and I just don't think that it's one of our greatest traits.

Of course, there's the freedom from parents, but I actually like having them around even if I get pissed off a lot of the time. They're there to pay the bills and make sure that we're well and safe. Now, it's just going to be me and her and I'm really wondering how we're even going to manage getting past the airport.

My mom was briefing us on all the things we have to do and think off, and I'm already getting confused. I have this feeling I'm going to forget something vital and just mess it up. I know that I have to think positive and I am. It's fun to transfer mp3s for the trip, but filling out documents and holding money and passports aren't my thing.

Here goes nothing. I'm still not done packing and my mom is already panicking. My flight is near midnight, but I've got to make sure everything's already in. Oh well, here's to my last month of freedom before college life finally sinks in. New York, New York... here we come!
emma; only girl in the world

At the Beginning

NAIA. It never sunk in that we were leaving till I saw the car leave us and Pamy and I were left there. I was nervous, I have to admit. In fact, I was dead scared. Sure, we weren't bringing anything illegal, but I guess I was just so used to having my parents with me.

The lines were long and we had to haul our bags with us. It was a good thing that we could actually carry them, because I could see how some people had so many bags with them and it was just scary how heavy they must have been. Getting past the ticket counter was the longest part. The lines snaked and it was just a long thing, but once we got past that, we were fine.

While waiting for the plane to board, we couldn't really do much because Duty Free was already closed. Luckily, Mr. Omelette arrived with his harem of girls to entertain him. We were definitely entertained just watching him. Pamy was copying text messages from her phone because she had to erase them. Of course, only Pamy does this. The plane finally boarded and guess who greets us at the door? Mr. Omelette of course. Nice.

We've had so many pictures, over 503 already, and it's only been one week. this is why I'm doing only a few pictures as a preview of our stay so far.

In line at the Korean Airlines ticket counterWaiting for Mr. Omelette to pass by us
In line at the Korean Airlines ticket counter
Waiting for Mr. Omelette to pass by us