April 17th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

Summer Lovin # 04

So many boys, so little time... April's halfway done and I'm still a couch potato! I've got so many men accompanying me anyway. Here's this week's dose.

  • Clive Owen
    I finally watch Closer and I actually preferred him over Jude Law. His accent was just way too much for me. It helped that his character was a bit nicer than scheming Jude Law's. Every scene he was in, I was waiting for him to take his shirt off, and he never did it. What the hell was the R rating for then? (oh yeah, Natalie Portman was half naked half the time) I thought he was really adorable when he apologized to Julia Roberts for thinking she was some internet porno freak. yeah, he was, but he reformed and looked great all that time too.

  • James Franco
    The high point in the low budget movie The Company, James was a sight for sore eyes. The hot looking chef/boyfriend. When he started cooking the omelette the morning after, I almost died. He had his shirt off and he had just slipped his pants on and his washboard abs were just too distracting, it didn't matter that Neve Campbell was still in the scene. The naked chef thing was definitely a great thing.

  • Ryan Seacrest
    I've been watching Idol for the longest time and I've always thought that Ryan looked good, but this week, when he wore that great coat and tie ensemble on the kick out night, it was just too much. The fact that he gave his tie to Nadia to wipe her tears with, I really thought that was too sweet. The way he took it off in an easy swipe was really hot too.