April 13th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

Yet another one

I finally watched Closer and I understand why everyone loves it. I myself ♥ it, and here are a few reasons why I do.
  • Quality over Quantity
    Closer, unlike other films had only four really good characters instead of the ensemble casts that make me so confused. All the stars were so hot too! In fact, I watched it at night, and I still noticed the temperature rise when Clive Owen and Jude Law would step into a scene. Of course, it didn't hurt that Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman were just insanely pretty!
  • London Calling
    How can I not fall in love with the setting? The place was just dreary and grey and always raining. I love that gloomy feel. It made me want to crawl into the screen and be one with the characters. Of course, it was heightened when Clive Owen would appear. But I love London.
  • Honesty is the best policy
    I'm not very difficult to please when it comes to movies. I don't even trivialize scripts and all the other stuff, but listening to the lines said in Closer, I really thought they made sense. It wasn't a cliche and it wasn't contrived, it felt natural. Yeah, Jude Law was an asshole half the time who just couldn't be satisfied with what he had, but I guess there are some bozos out there who are like that.
  • Sound Off
    Did I mention a killer musical score? Everytime Damien Rice's song The Blower's Daughter would play, I felt like bawling! I tried searching for the soundtrack on Amazon and there was nothing there except Damien Rice's CD. They should seriously come up with one, because the sight has to be accompanied with some sound and it should be available for everyone.

Then I watched this oddball movie on Star Movies called The Company and it's the story of this ballet dancer who apparently is trying to make it in the Chicago scene. The ballerinas were really impressive and I think it was more on modern dance than ballet. It was an okay movie, but I'm not really going to expound on that. The breakout star in that movie, and the only reason I kept watching was James Franco. Apparently, this dude is really hot!!! He's only sidekick to Tobey Maguire in Spiderman, but this movie showed how absolutely cute he was!

He played this chef boyfriend of Neve Campbell (who I saw as a witch on The Craft right before watching the ballet movie so I was still in witch mode) and he was really gorgeous. He made her breakfast after staying over at her place and of course, it was so early in the morning that he still didn't have his shirt on. I don't know if this is hygienic but I really didn't care because he was on fire!!!

The rest of the movie wasn't really all that stellar. It had the man from Fantasy Island as their head teacher of sorts and it just wasn't very convincing. However, the dancers really amazed me and of course, I waited with bated breath for James to come along.

Whoops, it's past four. I guess I'm going to have to catch American Idol at some other time.