April 6th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

Primetime's Prime Guys

My little sister is watching the Spongebob Squarepants Movie for the NTH time now and I still get entertained by it. It's actually really funny. And the thing is, I actually understand the humor. When I was a kid, all I'd look at while watching these Disney movies was how pretty the princesses were and how nice it was. But I never understood that they were actually trying to be funny.

Moving on, I watched so much tv yesterday that I have so many hot guys floating around in my head. And that's not a bad place to be.

I watched Great Expectations and though I've never read Charles Dickens' original, I'm really interested in reading it now. It showed a really sad story of Finn (played by the scorching Ethan Hawke) and his obsession for Estella (played by then uber thin and gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow). It's sad because it was so obvious who she was just leading him on and he kept getting left behind. Still, the whole point of this, is that Ethan Hawke is so freaking gorgeous! I don't know what Uma Thurman was thinking, but this dude is not someone you want to let go.

L-R: Michael, Kieran, Eddie, and David

Then there's PB's favorite and most realistic basketball team that resides in the quiet town of Tree Hill. Is it just me or are the newbies of One Tree Hill the hottest things on earth? Felix (newbie character played by Michael Copon, whom I was unaware of till last night), is so cute. His body is totally buff!

I sound like a deranged teeny bopper here, but this guys is scorching! When he got out of Brooke's pool, I almost fainted. I especially liked it when he saved Brooke from jail time due to her sticky fingers. Brooke just isn't used to being poor, I guess. Still, I have to give him points for trying to be nice to her. He can get a little cocky, but it doesn't matter.

But my favorite new boy from Tree Hill is Andy (played by pretty boy Kieran Hutchinson who I also do not know), Karen's millionaire Business 101 professor. Now, if he were my teacher, I would definitely study my butt off! He just looks pretty. In fact, he's even prettier than Karen. But that's not the point. The point is, though I want Karen to finally end up with someone, isn't it unethical and illegal for a teacher to be interested in a student (no matter how old she is), in the dating kind of way?

Still, I'm really happy, despite the fact that he'll only be there for a few episodes. Whoops, spoiler! The clean shaven head and the fact that he's younger than Karen really makes me want him more. Sure, Keith is a really nice guy, but let's be honest, Andy is much hotter!

I watched the premiere of CSI: NY and though it was interesting, I still like the original CSI better. I guess I was just really used to seeing Grissom as the head of the pack, and I've grown to love all the other characters already that I'm still not used to seeing a new team. I like it better than CSI : Miami though, so that must be a good thing.

There is however, a cutie on the loose on the show. Det. Don Flack, who is gorgeously portraye by Eddie Cahill deserves some props. This dude walks around like he owns the sidewalks of New York, and I guess he has a right to. I love guys in suits, and the fact that he's walking around looking all sharp and interrogating people makes him even hoter.

And I almost forgot! My favorite show of the moment, Miss Match with the hottest ever Michael Mendelson played by the guy I didn't know existed till now David Conrad. He's such a nice guy and it's so sad that he's not going to be there for the next season! Whoops, yet another spoiler! What were the producers thinking? He's like the hottest guy on the show and the only one for Kate Fox. Can't they see that? Sure, he had this torrid affair, but like he said, it was before they even met! He is the hottest guy on the show and they've sacked him! What's up with that? It's just like what they did on What I like about you, they take away Simon Rex, who happens to be Val's boyfriend (Jennie Garth).

Okay, I'm rambling. I'm off to watch a high rated show though... American Idol is about to come one and if they want higher ratings, I suggest they take Mario Vasquez back. And please, please kick Scott out! Please.