March 23rd, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

One Tree What?

I started cleaning my room yesterday afternoon. Though this is a yearly tradition, this year, it's going to be extra difficult to do. Why? I've got all my high school + elementary things to get rid off. I'm only keeping those that I think I might need for college. And trust me, it's not exactly a lot right now. Still, the rest of my room still looks like shit and it's already Holy Week and I'm nowhere near over.

Speaking of that week. It totally doesn't feel like it. I'm just so un-holy. I haven't fasted much and I just haven't been that much of a repentful person. Then again, I've got a bigger sacrifice on my hands and it's going to last me for the rest of my summer. So, I'm just going to try to be good about that and be receptive and patient and kind and understanding and loving.

Boy, is that going to be a feat.

Obviously, last night I had to watch some television. What else do I do? I'm not exactly the going out type anyway, so it's me and Sony. So here we go, I watched the second episode of One Tree Hill and though I love Lucas with all my ♥ heart, I just find the plot really crazy. Why the hell did Haley and Nathan tie the knot?

Yes, I know it's just a show, but Deb was right. They are destroying their lives. It's just plain insane. And I'm not used to Brooke and Peyton being so closey shmosey again. It's just plain weird. I liked it better when they were enemies and mad at each other all the time. It was so fun to watch them bitch and pull at each others hair. Now, they're all so peachy keen. best friends forever kind of thing. That just grosses me out.

Moving on, Dan being all nice and reformed after the heart attack just made me want to puke. Yeah, he was really being too mean and everything and I was feeling really bad for Keith but it's just weird that he's so nice now. Still there...

So now, I'm watching Ocean's 12. Only now, unfortunately.But Rusty is still good looking, so I'm going to go offline right now. Ocean's 12, here I come.