March 7th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

Too much TV

For the first time ever, I missed the Oscars. The 77th Academy Awards showed thrice, and I missed all of it. The first reason was because of Talaban, the second was Talaban and the third was pretty much Talaban too. I'm not blaming it. It's done and over anyway. Today, I printed the pages and trooped over to UP's Shopping Center to have it book bound.

Since I had the freedom of choosing the cover, I chose yellow as a tribute to my soon to be former alma mater. I hope the gold embossing shows though. Now, I'm a teensy bit worried about that part.

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I thought that due to their ultra long relationship plus long engagement, they would last, but nothing is for sure nowadays. It's so sad. So much for wanting to marry Jake Gyllenhaal. Even if I know his love for me will burn constantly, who knows? They're all pretty crazy there.

So I salute, John Travolta and Kelly Preston for staying married so long! They're both Hollywood folks and I think it's their first marriages too, and so far, it's worked. Knock on wood though. We just never will know.

I think I'm going to bed. There's still school tomorrow. Great.