February 11th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

Shorty, It's my birthday!

Definitely a lot better than last year. This year, my birthday was a blast! I still had to go to school and still had to do school work, but in the end, despite the minor flaws, the day was wonderful.

My table, yin yang is also the sweetest, most thoughtful table in the entire world! I love you guys so so so so much! During Trig, my entire table disappeared and marched in with my man! It's so funny cause, this standee was the replica of what I wanted my man to be. With nice arms, and strong shoulders, this guy was it! And his shirt could be ripped off any time I wanted it to be. I was in his heart too.

Thanks so much to Txyla, Eena, Mitch, Lexi, Krystle, and Gela! You guys made everything worth it. Thanks so much!

you guys really touched my private part, my heart (♥)!

In our class, we also have a Cupid's Kringle, and my boyfriend, Tab, gave me two sets of yummy chocolates, and BALLOONS!!! I love balloons and it was my first time ever to receive them. I felt so loved today. I even got a jab from Third Unit (we rule!) and a song. I am so happy.

Thanks to all the people who greeted me and made me feel really special. I'm off to dinner with my family. More later on.

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