January 24th, 2005

emma; only girl in the world

Only just begun

I can't believe I'm this excited for the weekend. Maybe, I just don't want to go to school, but suddenly, I wish it were already Friday. I have four more IWs to finish and I've got so many quizzes to study for. I just want things to end. 51 days till the fated day, and though 51 might seem like a big number, it's getting smaller to me by the minute.

In fact, on Wednesday, I'm finally going to see that stupid report card. Not that I'm counting down to that or anything, but I just want to get it over with. If they want to disappoint me, then do it now, and stop making me wait. If you're going to make me happy, then go ahead and do it. Stop all the talk and scaring people that some of us aren't going to walk in 51 days. Just get it over with.

Today though, my friends were complete for lunch! This is such a rare occasion, I have to document its existence. It was nice to sit down and just talk, even if I was trying my best to study for our supposed discussion of Gaudium Et Spes. Not that I got any studying done -- or I ever do. Lee had an emergency though, but at least that was fixed, somehow. It was a bit weird seeing four other people with me, plus Kimi, but I definitely won't complain. Hopefully, there'll be more of this.

It's a manic Monday, and I can't wait till Friday already.