September 26th, 2004

emma; only girl in the world

Impromptu Saturday Night TV schedule

I woke up at around 2 pm today. Late as usual. That's what happens when you stay up till 4 am watching the television. I didn't really plan on staying up that late. I missed the replay of One Tree Hill last night, so I was thinking there might be another one early in the morning, and apparently there isn't one. So, tonight, I'm going to wait up for it again as I study for Filipino.

Yes, I'm actually going to study. I'm going to reform myself and do my work. But before I do it, I have to clean my room -- again. My room seems to get really messy, really fast. I just fixed it last week and now I have to fix it again. The mess it just unbearable. I can't study in a messy room. Not like I do study in it, but if I want to start reforming myself, I better start now.

It's the last week of IW, I think. I'm not even sure anymore, so I better start working again. I don't want to cram anymore. I know I can do better, so I will this week.

Last night, I watched a lot of things. Too many to remember actually, so I'm going to comment on those that I can still recall even after ten hours of sleep:

  • Jay Leno
    This guy has done it all. He cracks me up each and every time too. I don't know how he does it, but I just don't think I could stand up in front of a lot of people and be funny. It's just too difficult. I especially liked his unscientific poll on who the next US president would be. He let a Kerry-supporter and a Bush Man -- as he named them, do a little game of musical chairs and whoever sat on the chair when the music ended would win the poll for the night.

    The funny part was when the Bush Man sat down straight away when the music started. It defeated the entire purpose of musical chairs. I guess he wasn't listening very well.

  • Sex and the City
    How can I complain? PB and I are always the one who end up watching this together and we enjoy it so much! I really ♥♥♥ Miranda. She's so devoted to Brady despite her job and I totally appreciate that. Not that I can relate to her, because she is a working mom, but I just love her character. And I felt really great for Charlotte! She's finally back with Harry and I totally love them together. They're definitely meant to be. Samantha is the smartest PR woman ever. With her Absolut Hunk of a beau, the gays, the girls and the industry will surely follow.

    Finally, the lowest point... Carrie and Hotdog -- whoops! Berger I mean. They were really cute together. I thought they looked amazing together. I thought he looked pretty fine on his own. He looked especially hot when Carrie gave him the gorgeous shirt they wore to the play. He looked really great and it's so sad that he's such a coward. Why break up with a post-it. That's just stupid. And then he asks her not to hate him? Please... what is he thinking?

  • Some filipino film
    I don't even know the title of the movie because I didn't reach it, but the story went like this. The lead girl had a boyfriend, and apparently she was really close to his family. But this guy died. How? I don't know. His heart got donated to this other guy, whom she had never met.

    A year later -- and they actually specify that in the film -- she is on the road to getting over him and she meets this new guy who got her boy's heart. I'm not very good with too-cheesey moments, so I skip most of the movie, because I do know where the movie is going to go. I have to say that it was a pretty okay film. I cringed a lot, but that was expected. She ends up with him even after he goes through another operation and even though her deceased lover's family isn't very happy that she's with the guy who took their son's heart, because everything eventually came together in the end.

    With a lot of product placements and a lot of plugging, I have to say the film wasn't that bad. I'm not one to bash acting, unless done horribly, so I can't really put them down too much. I guess they were a bit believable, but they're still far off from winning an Oscar.

  • Conan O' Brien
    Just like Jay Leno, I love Conan. He had Rob Lowe as his guest and I wasn't complaining. Rob Lowe is a hottieand a half. I super miss him now that he isn't on West Wing. Sam brought the cutie factor to the show. He was just a sizzling staff member! Conan is always fun to watch. Especially when he has cute guests.

  • Starting Over
    I'm a closet fan of this show. It's just really fun to watch problematic women live in one house all together and bicker all the time. I don't really know their names either, but it's nice to watch depressed people. It makes me feel better about myself, I guess. Mean, but true. I don't like their life coach very much either. Rhonda is the only person in that show whose name I know and I don't even like her. She's not an effective life coach for me. If I were in that house, I'd probably be hostile towards her too.

  • Saturday Night Live
    I've watched the episode with the Rock so many times and I still insist on watching it every time. It's funny and I like watching slapstick stuff. It makes me feel light headed, and I don't have to think. I love bumming around.

  • Nip/Tuck
    Dr. Troy is so hot!!! I wouldn't mind being in that little black book of his. If he were my doctor, boy would I get a check up every week. But then again, he's a plastic surgeon, so I can't exactly get something fixed every single week. It would be too expensive and I don't like operations with knives and blood and gore. So maybe just a consultation would do.

    And Brooke (Sophia Bush) from the show I was really waiting for, One Tree Hill, was on Nip/Tuck as lesbian... cheerleader. Talk about typecasting. She's always going to be a cheerleader. This time, she was a lesbian though. I don't know if it was just ETC, but they cut out all the good parts.

  • Next Action Star
    Another hilarious reality show. The people don't exactly look great, but I think Jared and Melisande look good together. I want Jeanne out! She's not even that pretty. And Corrine... sure she can kick ass, but I want Melisande! She's pretty. It's a stupid show and I love watching it. I just need to know who wins the movie deal with Joel Silver in the ending.

  • Simone
    I think I've watched this one too many times to count and I still get entertained every time. I love Evan Rachel Wood! If I were to cast a movie, I'd want her to be in it. She's just so nice to look at. And she got to star with Al Pacino who was such a hottie back in the day. They should really have a Simone actress in real life. It would be cool to have a director create his own actress. I love the concept of that film.

  • Coupling
    This is a British comedy which I actually just watched for the first time. Bloody hilarious too. I guess I'm not that exposed to non-American shows so it was fun to have a break from the usual US fare. I think the leads were three guys and three girls and somehow they're all connected. The episode centered around a mutual friend of theirs who was getting married and all the pressure that gave to the couples that were together. Everytime they'd focus on the wedding invitation, it would tick like a time bomb. It was a really entertaining show too. I should watch it the next time it comes on.

I probably watched a lot more than this, but I really just don't remember half of them. So at least now I know that they do not replay One Tree Hill later than 7 pm on Saturdays. So tonight, I'm going to check. Who knows, they might have a replay.