September 23rd, 2004

emma; only girl in the world

Aww... I love this movie

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The Quote"But mostly, I hate the way I don’t hate you, not even close,Not even a little bit at all.."-Kat Stratford(10 things I Hate about You)
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I absolutely adore this movie! This is one of my most favorite movies of all time. I was young when I watched it and still, I had this fantasy that one day, I would find my very own Cameron James or even a Patrick Verona. Sigh. One day perhaps, it will come. We're in god's hands after all.
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emma; only girl in the world

Far from being a Teenage Dirtbag

Everyone's angry and I won't be a hypocrite by saying that I'm not, because it really pisses me off too. In fact, I don't know why this is happening just now. Why did the school turn a blind eye to the batches before us? We're freaking saints in comparison to others and I'm not being biased, because it's true. Why do the ones who don't get into trouble have to be sanctioned too? Isn't that a tad unfair.

Sure, it's against the law and I don't personally condone it, but I guess it's a personal responsibility. The school may have their duty to protect us, but I think that maybe the timing wasn't quite right. I'm not quite affected because I don't have a penchant for alcohol, but in all truth, it will affect how much money the party makes. People go to parties to drink and dance, and if one of that isn't there, I highly doubt a crowd will even bother to form.

It's just really the way it is. It may not be what happened ten years ago, but these are the times we live in now, and these are the realities we're faced with. Times have changed and traditions don't stay stagnant. As I am a responsible teenager -- not just impulsive and reckless -- I know my boundaries and what I should and shouldn't do. I think they should at least give everyone the benefit of the doubt before pointing fingers and giving accusations, because not everyone acts the way they think we do. We're not oversexed, drugged, trashed teenagers who throw themselves at anyone who bothered, we have brains and we actually use them. Though, I may not speak for all, I think majority are this way.

It's horrid how a minority represents the majority when it comes to a negative thing and yet when it comes to the positive traits, the minority is overshadowed by the majority.

Tomorrow, I will attend the party and I will act like I always do. I will think before I act. Hopefully, everyone else won't be brought down by what happened today because I know we're much more than we're being put out to be. Let's prove them wrong.