September 11th, 2004

emma; only girl in the world

It Ain't Over Till Fourth Year's Over

What a day! It wasn't the best or memorable, but it was looooooong. I am so tired and I still have so many things to do. I mean so many. I have to make my Sociology paper (which I have NOT studied for), study for the Lab practicals (which I desperately need to pass), fix my Flash project (which is really lame), finish collating the community profile (which I totally hate!), do Raia's write-up (which I'm really psyched to do), do my own write-up (which I don't know how to start or end or anything at all: more later!), and all of this, I have to finish before Monday.

Am I great at time management or what?

I woke up too early for my liking this morning. I was already at McDonalds Katipunan at who knows what ungodly hour. It was so early, they were still serving breakfast. I don't ever reach breakfast. I even see my brother's former adviser and his minions having breakfast. It's funny because they were a bit robotic. It was funny to watch them. Although, I must say that one of them did stand out in my head. He carried himself well and had a rod-straight back. Damn that posture!

Why was I there to begin with? Preparing myself to get eliminated. We actually joined a Math contest. Not like it's anything new, because my beautiful and insanely intelligent teammates, Jo and Kaye are always at contests and seminars for the über gifted. So, I was basically the third body in the group. It didn't matter though, because they gave us an hour and fifteen minutes, or something like that to answer twenty questions. You'd think I'd be able to solve at least one and be sure of my answer. But no, I was unsure of everything and the results showed it all.

We didn't qualify. Not like I wanted to, because who really wants to stay for another five hours answering crap. Still, Ms. Sally and her hubby were there to give moral support. She's such a sweetie. Right after getting eliminated though, we went straight to Eastwood. Watching Dodgeball was absolutely the best! Impromptu things are the best. The thing was, we were all in our uniforms on a Saturday afternoon. I could feel eyes burning through the back of my head, probably wondering why the crap we were wearing our uniform. We even bumped into Yvina and a bunch of other classmates and they obviously weren't in uniform. Still that was fun.

We even witnessed a semi-Day After Tomorrow style mini hurricane. We were saying that if indeed Eastwood was going to crumble and we were all going to die, we'd be found wearing our uniforms. Not exactly the thing I had in mind. The trees were really swaying from side to side and there was a really strong wind. My skirt could have flown up Marilyn Monroe-ish if it wasn't so heavy. Hanging out Cara and Erica plus my beloved groupmates was really something else. Especially when we hid out in McDonalds and just sat there not eating anything.

As if that wasn't enough action for me. My cousin, Niq invited me to watch The Terminal with them. How could I say no? I knew I had a ton of work to do and still I say yes. We even met Jeannie with her friend. Everyone seems to have so many friends nowadays. The Terminal is a really great film. It was funny, it had enough drama, and of course romance. The acting was perfect (props to the entire cast!), the script was beautiful and suddenly, I want to get stuck in a terminal too. Diego Luna had an itty bitty role, but he was hot in it nevertheless. Every character was just perfect. It was a really cute film.

Now, I'm home. Looking for articles online to support my freaking paper on my analysis of Philippine culture. Nice. I really want to do this now, when I can be thinking of a more creative thing -- my write-up. I've made four so far, and I have to make one more for a friend. Those seem to flow out greatly. But now that I have to think of mine, nothing comes to me. No, it's not because I want it to be perfect, I'm not that type. I just think that this is going to be what people remember me by. Everyone's going to get a year book and one day when friends get back together and they start talking about old classmates, and if they ever forget me, they're going to dig up that year book and read what I had to say. That's just bugging me right now. How am I supposed to pull this off? All before Monday morning. Great. I better start. Right now.