September 5th, 2004

emma; only girl in the world

What if?

I don't know if it still works, but check this one out. It's really cute.

I think the point of this was to show a feminist stance -- as it is from a feminist site -- by showing us that we really don't need a guy. And yes, I do agree with it perfectly. I can survive without one. I won't be a hypocrite though and say I don't want one. There's a big difference there.

However, what this little piece of animation made me think that what if my prince did come and this is what I did to him? Not exactly my happy ending right?

Lesson learned. Never jump off the castle and expect the prince to catch you. Because you never know if you could land on him and end up killing him.
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emma; only girl in the world

Weighed Down

Well, at least I got to do my flash project. Sure, it took me about two hours to do it and I only have 30 minutes to accomplish the entire thing, but hey, I'm going to have to deal with it, right?

After this, I shall move on to my IW. I promise that tonight I shall finish it. My back is already hurting and my eyes are drooping. Due to sleeping so early in the morning, it took me forever to wake up to go to mass. Still, when I finish this, I shall be done with something, at least.

I can't believe it's already exams next week. It's not supposed to be this quick. It surprises me because the status messages of the younger batches are all saying study study study. I haven't even opened a single notebook! I know I should because this is already considered cramming, I just don't have the time.

Okay, so maybe I do, but I guess I'm not very good at balancing my work and my sleep. The only two aspects of my life that I do acknowledge. Thinking of it, all I have to do is do things one at a time, and before I know it, I shall have accomplished a lot.

Pietro is studying so seriously here and it amazes me how hardworking he is. I should start copying him, for sure. And he's third honors!!! Yeah boy! He's worked really hard for that and I feel so proud of him. I should start emulating his attitude.

My parents Pamy, Paola, and Pietro are going to Podium later. The older ones are listening to music, and Pao just wants to tag along. I want to tag along too. But mom said I had exams so I coudln't go. Grr.... Exams really suck!

Oh on a more romantic note, I think a lesson in the language of love is needed right now. A French lesson for everyone who bothered. I love you in French is, "Je t'aime." Some fine day, maybe I'll hear these words too. Right, Monesca? Because no matter what excuse is given, no one says this unless it's meant. Yes, I don't think this phrase is taken very lightly. Uttering these three far-from-simple words can create a temporary feeling of warmth or who knows what, but it's also got a ton of complication. Nevertheless, I'd love to hear these words one day. Hopefully from someone I do love too. Monesca, don't you agree with me?
emma; only girl in the world

Three Small Words in So Many Ways

And for those interested...

How to say I Love You in 100 Languages

  • English - I love you
  • Afrikaans - Ek het jou lief
  • Albanian - Te dua
  • Arabic - Ana behibak (to male)
  • Arabic - Ana behibek (to female)
  • Armenian - Yes kez sirumen
  • Bambara - M'bi fe
  • Bangla - Aamee tuma ke bhalo aashi
  • Belarusian - Ya tabe kahayu
  • Bisaya - Nahigugma ako kanimo
  • Bulgarian - Obicham te
  • Cambodian - Soro lahn nhee ah
  • Cantonese Chinese - Ngo oiy ney a
  • Catalan - T'estimo
  • Cheyenne - Ne mohotatse
  • Chichewa - Ndimakukonda
  • Corsican - Ti tengu caru (to male)
  • Creol - Mi aime jou
  • Croatian - Volim te
  • Czech - Miluji te
  • Danish - Jeg Elsker Dig
  • Dutch - Ik hou van jou
  • Elf (from The Lord of The Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien)- "le melin" (thanks Markus)
  • Esperanto - Mi amas vin
  • Estonian - Ma armastan sind
  • Ethiopian - Afgreki'
  • Faroese - Eg elski teg
  • Farsi - Doset daram
  • Filipino - Mahal kita
  • Finnish - Mina rakastan sinua
  • French - Je t'aime, Je t'adore
  • Frisian - Ik hâld fan dy
  • Gaelic - Ta gra agam ort
  • Georgian - Mikvarhar
  • German - Ich liebe dich
  • Greek - S'agapo
  • Gujarati - Hoo thunay prem karoo choo
  • Hiligaynon - Palangga ko ikaw
  • Hawaiian - Aloha Au Ia`oe (Thanks Craig)
  • Hebrew - Ani ohev otah (to female)
  • Hebrew - Ani ohev et otha (to male)
  • Hiligaynon - Guina higugma ko ikaw
  • Hindi - Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte hae
  • Hmong - Kuv hlub koj
  • Hopi - Nu' umi unangwa'ta
  • Hungarian - Szeretlek
  • Icelandic - Eg elska tig
  • Ilonggo - Palangga ko ikaw
  • Indonesian - Saya cinta padamu
  • Inuit - Negligevapse
  • Irish - Taim i' ngra leat
  • Italian - Ti amo
  • Japanese - Aishiteru
  • Kannada - Naanu ninna preetisuttene
  • Kapampangan - Kaluguran daka
  • Kiswahili - Nakupenda
  • Konkani - Tu magel moga cho
  • Korean - Sarang Heyo
  • Latin - Te amo
  • Latvian - Es tevi miilu
  • Lebanese - Bahibak
  • Lithuanian - Tave myliu
  • Malay - Saya cintakan mu / Aku cinta padamu
  • Malayalam - Njan Ninne Premikunnu
  • Mandarin Chinese - Wo ai ni
  • Marathi - Me tula prem karto
  • Mohawk - Kanbhik
  • Moroccan - Ana moajaba bik
  • Nahuatl - Ni mits neki
  • Navaho - Ayor anosh'ni
  • Norwegian - Jeg Elsker Deg
  • Pandacan - Syota na kita!!
  • Pangasinan - Inaru Taka
  • Papiamento - Mi ta stimabo
  • Persian - Doo-set daaram
  • Pig Latin - Iay ovlay ouyay
  • Polish - Kocham Ciebie
  • Portuguese - Eu te amo
  • Romanian - Te iubesc
  • Russian - Ya tebya liubliu
  • Scot Gaelic - Tha gra\dh agam ort
  • Serbian - Volim te
  • Setswana - Ke a go rata
  • Sign Language - ,\,,/ (represents position of fingers when signing'I Love You')
  • Sindhi - Maa tokhe pyar kendo ahyan
  • Sioux - Techihhila
  • Slovak - Lu`bim ta
  • Slovenian - Ljubim te
  • Spanish - Te quiero / Te amo
  • Swahili - Ninapenda wewe
  • Swedish - Jag alskar dig
  • Swiss-German - Ich lieb Di
  • Surinam - Mi lobi joe
  • Tagalog - Mahal kita
  • Taiwanese - Wa ga ei li
  • Tahitian - Ua Here Vau Ia Oe
  • Tamil - Nan unnai kathalikaraen
  • Telugu - Nenu ninnu premistunnanu
  • Thai - Chan rak khun (to male)
  • Thai - Phom rak khun (to female)
  • Turkish - Seni Seviyorum
  • Ukrainian - Ya tebe kahayu
  • Urdu - mai aap say pyaar karta hoo
  • Vietnamese - Anh ye^u em (to female)
  • Vietnamese - Em ye^u anh (to male)
  • Welsh - 'Rwy'n dy garu di
  • Yiddish - Ikh hob dikh
  • Yoruba - Mo ni fe

Still, maybe when it's said in French, it sounds best. I wouldn't know. But I think Siete does.