August 26th, 2004

emma; only girl in the world

Royal Bus Boy

Prince Eddie

Luke Mably
so sexy/sweet you'll want to:
study in a library with him so you can play with his hands under the table
I just recently watched the Prince and Me and though the story line was a tad unbelievable, I totally adored the lead guy. Prince Eddie is your usual rebellious prince and still, he stands out. First off, he's sexy! Yes, despite the lack of pecs as shown in a scene from the movie, Eddie still manages to ooze with appeal that I can't argue with him in the looks department.

I am a true fan of accents and Eddie has one right on. My love for royalty is strengthened by this sweet royal who isn't afraid of change. Very brave of him to leave the confines of the royal life though his reasons -- seeing wild girls from Wisconsin flash him -- shallow, I still like the fact that he wants something new in his life.

And how could you not fall for him? He was such a sweet to Paige and her family. Milking the cows and racing lawnmowers. That was just precious. And we all knew that after riding home on a lawnmower after that contest that when he brought her into the stables, they weren't just going to be talking. There was so much more planned.

Paige: They think we're involved.
Eddie: But we're not...
Paige: No...
Eddie: Because you hate me.

He was just so sexy when he told her that. He had to kiss her after, of course. The mood was just too perfect, I would have kissed him myself if Paige didn't. When oh when will I ever find a prince? I absolutely love their scenes in the library too. All they ever do is smile at each other and play with each other's hands under the table. Eddie was seriously looking deadly sexy at that moment. When they were clawing each other behind the bookshelves, I was just dying with envy.

When he fought for her to his parents though, I just thought he was the sweetest prince on earth. I can see how impossibly difficult it must be to get your royal parents to approve of your non-royal girlfriend, but he seemed to have that one handled. Again, though impossible, I would never turn down a chance to be his queen. Sure, Paige had her reasons, but I guess we've got different priorities.

When he came to her graduation though, looking sexy as ever in his coat and tie ensemble, that framed his nice long and lean body perfectly, I almost gasped. His sweet words were just perfect of course.

Paige: Denmark isn't ready for a Queen like me.
Eddie: Well then they'll have to be. Because I am.

I don't know about Paige, but I am a go-getter and a girl scout at that. Ready for anything. So, Eddie, if you're listening, I am ready for anything.
emma; only girl in the world

Harder to Breathe

I asked for a suspension. They gave it. Guess what? I still wasn't happy.

Yesterday, school was finally suspended at 11 am. Not exactly the best day to suspend classes because SabPag was just around the corner and we just aren't prepared. I was really at the brink of tears that morning just wondering how everything was going to fall into place. I didn't know if things were going to turn out right.

I especially didn't need anyone to tell me that I was a control-freak who had difficulty trusting people and expected too much out of others. Sure, it was mostly true, but I really didn't need to hear that at a time when I just needed to vent. I came to her because I thought she'd be there to listen to my woes that day, but I guess I was wrong. I've learned my lesson though. I'm not going to her anymore. So much for believing I could trust her.

Thanks to Sam for volunteering her place so quickly, no questions asked. You are such a life-saver. I don't know what the class would do without you. In fact, thanks to everyone who came. I appreciate your dedication to the class. Practice turned out to be quite productive. The class has worked their asses off for this.

I'm in a much better mood now as I just remember the happenings the day before, but if I weren't so tired and if I had access to a laptop, I would have been venting about how horrible things started out. Now that I think about it, yesterday was pretty cool. It just showed how dedicated we were to a project we believed in. The entire class trooped to practice even if it was raining like crazy.

Janna was dying to get out of her house even if it was flooding everywhere. Gela, I had the best time with you as we braved the storm to pick Janna up. I totally appreciate your kindness and all your stories. I always have fun with you no matter what. Getting stuck in traffic with you is probably the best way to spend a rainy afternoon. I look forward to more rainy days with you. Maybe you can teach me how to dribble.

Today, I didn't do a thing. I wasn't able to touch the computer either until a few minutes ago as my brother had three projects to do. Tomorrow, I have to be at school by six am. My dad can't bring me so it looks like I'm going to commute tomorrow. Just great. Hopefully, there are classes tomorrow. I just want to get the SabPag over with. It's been a tiring few weeks for me and I need to breathe.
emma; only girl in the world

Aspiring Bohemian


Ewan McGregor
so sexy/sweet you'll want to:
dance at the Moulin Rouge so you can be his new muse for a play he's writing
Pamy Ewan-holic here. In fact, I actually appreciate so many films he's made it was difficult to choose which one I was truly in love with. Since I love movies with singing and dancing, how could I resist the Moulin Rouge. It didn't hurt at all that Christian was just the sweetest, most sensitive writer ever. From the moment he got into Bohemian Paris, I knew the movie was going to be worth it.

Christian was just so unjaded, that I couldn't take it. There was an innocence about him that made me think he was just too nice for the cutthroat business that Satine was in. He was so sweet to her when she thought he was the duke. He didn't even take advantage of her. It was just so sweet of him. The way he had his white polo always slightly opened made him a lot sexier too.

The way he would stumble on his words when he had to deal with the duke because he was so obviously stealing the duke's girl was just so cute. I thought this part was really funny when he was arguing with the duke about the script of the play Satine was going to star in.

The Duke: why shouldn't the courtesan go for the maharajah?
Christian: Because she doesn't love you. Him... hi... him... sh... she doesn't love... him...

When he realized his wrong choice of pronoun, it was just so shocking to see how everyone would react to it. They were definitely meant to be and I hated to see them apart, but Baz Luhrman in his love for tragedy, had to kill Satine off. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I like it better when both characters are alive and live happily ever after. Complete with singing and dancing because Christian sang better than everyone in that movie. And he looked hella sexy doing that too.

When Christian said these lines, I felt a stab to my chest. I felt as if I were the one he were saying his lines too.

Christian: [to the Duke] This woman is yours now. I've paid my whore.
Christian: [To Satine] I owe you nothing. And you are nothing to me. Thank you for curing me of my ridiculous obsession with love.

Oh Christian! I promise to heal your wounds, as I am obsessed with love too.