August 21st, 2004

emma; only girl in the world

SabPag in the Sun

Finally, my free time has begun. Not that I really have all this time free, because I have to study for my Physics test on Monday. I absolutely hate projectiles! I don't get a thing! I'm okay with linear motion, but curvilinear motion is another thing. I just don't understand it. Miss said that I should read the book so that I can understand the concept, but I guess I'm just really slow when it comes to application.

Speaking of application, I suck at this in Economics. I might actually get a really low grade there because I forgot to put the letter Q on all of my graphs. The worst part is the entire graph is correct except for the part where I forgot to put the Q. Beautiful. I really love the letter Q. It's going to get me into a lot of trouble. One single letter can make your entire answer wrong. That's just so unfair. I have to work doubly hard just to make through this trimester.

For the last time, I woke up at 5:55 am this morning. Hopefully tomorrow, I won't have to anymore. We had a practice for SabPag under the scorching sun along the street of some village because my wonderful school won't let their students practice there. Why the hell aren't we allowed? It's our freaking school. In my brother's school, you can go in and out anytime and it's a lot huger than ours. That means they need more maintenance. My school is so tiny, what do they need? It's not like we're going to vandalize the place when they're gone; we just need a venue -- a safe one -- where we can practice for something THEY asked us to do.

Now, I have to go back to work. There's a lot to do. My dad's finally having his 50th birthday bash and mom's going crazy preparing for it. Here I am, bumming around waiting for things to happen. I'm so sleepy, I just want to crash back into bed. Sounds very tempting indeed. So much for a four-day, free-day weekend. It's down to one and one-half days of studying for Physics. No time to bum.
emma; only girl in the world

Older (Lover) Boy

Will Keane

Richard Gere
so sexy/sweet you'll want to:
celebrate your birthday at his restaurant so he can greet you with his smile
Another of my favorite characters, Will Keane is the sexiest restaurant owner/chef ever! In the first parts of the movie, as he attended to his patrons in the restaurant, I was just in awe with how smooth he was with everyone. He had this charisma that got everyone wanting more.

It didn't matter that he was probably twenty plus years older than Charlotte; all that mattered was that he was really into her. And he really was sincere with his intentions. Sure, he played around, but I couldn't really fault him. He was nervous and scared too. Eventually, he owned up to his mistakes and in the end really devoted himself to her.

He's just so sweet to her when he invites her to the ball. He even asked her to make a special headdress for his date when in reality, it was she he was going to ask. He had the dress ready for her and all he needed was her to show up. Of course, she didn't know she was the mystery lady; so when she sees the dress and figures out his real intentions, she was so surprised, and I was just plain jealous.

Since Will is a mature, grown man, he obviously knows what he's doing and it is evident in the way he treats Charlotte. He isn't here to experiment. He's here for the long run. They fit just right. I love the scenes where they take a stroll down Central Park. Will looks so sexy and sweet at the same time, as they walk through the orange and red leaves scattered on teh ground. He's there looking all manly in his black trench coat and his umbrella. How many guys look this good with an umbrella? I can't seem to count too many. He respects Charlotte's space by not being too clingy and yet he lets her know that he's there for her, by walking with her.

The two of them always tease each other with the fact that he's too old for her and that she could die anytime and it's totally adorable how even if neither of admit it, they obviously are desperately trying to hold on to each other. Will does it really well, complete with fooling around with someone else because he can't handle their situation. He needed some sort of release, so to speak. He even tries to protect Charlotte because he knows himself and what he's capable of doing. He knows he can hurt her.

Will: I'm too old for you.
Charlotte: Oh, no... I collect antiques.
Will: Ouch.

Obviously, Charlotte didn't mind his age one bit. I don't either and he's old enough to be my uncle. It may sound a little gross, but Will is just the exception. He can cook, he's so charming, he's sexy and sweet. What more could anyone ask for? His devotion to Charlotte was just too much. Especially when her sickness started getting really serious, he was out there looking for the best doctor in the field just so she could be cured.

When he opens her gift to him after she dies, I almost choked, because his watch was inside the box and he had already forgotten that he had taken it off for her. I certainly have a fascination for characters who end up losing the loves of their lives. But Will, if you're willing to go as young as Chalotte, I may be a tad younger, but I'm definitely going to hang around.