August 11th, 2004

emma; only girl in the world

The Originial Fence-Sitter

Just to set things straight, Kimi was supposed to be the fence-sitter. Due to her kind and humble nature, she has let go of the name of her column to let others run away with it. Sometimes, the world is just too unfair. I find it outrageous how this happened, as I was the one who gave her that name, even if she's far from being one -- a fence-sitter, I mean. Still, Sir already knows my distaste for this entire situation anyway.

Moving on, as I have vowed to let go of things I cannot handle, I was just glad this day was over. Not that there was much to do today, because there wasn't really (except for the CSDC quiz though). But because if today was over, that would mean, tomorrow would be Thursday. And what comes after Thursday? Friday. And what comes after Friday?

the weekend!!!

Sure, we have SabPag practice on Saturday, and we better get started on our horrible Talaban survey, I don't care. It's still the weekend. It's going to be a tad sad actually. My brother will be taking his Singapore entrance test and that means he's even a step nearer to getting that scholarship. I know it's going to be hella great for him, but I am selfish and I don't want him to go. It's going to be really sad, because we've gotten close and now he has to leave. Thank goodness that test is over. I don't think I could take it knowing he is sure to go.

Friday is also the last day of IW and I have only done two cards. I have to submit THREE entire cards on Friday. Not that I haven't done more magic than that, but I just wanted to chill on Friday. That obviously isn't going to happen as I have to scuttle back and forth to finish these things. I guess laziness does catch up on you eventually.

Kimi and I were talking to each other during the Blazon meeting this afternoon and I think she's just the best! We were listening to Cara, but we were having fun too. We had a tallied someone's laughing patterns and we were of course laughing ourselves. Sir was laughing with us half the time and it was just nice to hang out with such a musical genius. For those who don't know, Kimi is a gifted pianist and can sing too -- although she won't admit to the latter. It's just fun to know that I've gained new friends.

At least the week's halfway through. When the SabPag is over (congratulations to Section D in advanced! We're behind you 100% Go beat the crap out of them!), and the Talaban Survey has been submitted, and I've written the yearbook write-ups I was asked to do, I will be a very happy person. But for now, it's back to smirking and sadness.