August 4th, 2004

emma; only girl in the world

I wanna be like Sponge Bob

The UPCAT is three days away. It's so near, I can taste it already. If only there were a leakage of questions, at least I'd be assured that I'd know at least one answer. The thing is, I haven't done much studying. Everyone seems to be clutching their Expert Guides handouts wherever they go. It's freaking me out! The 60,000 people that are taking the test are all so battle ready and here I am updating, instead of studying.

Then again, Siete doesn't seem to be studying either. At least, I'm with her in this. We were saying that if we got wait-listed, we'd be grateful. Honestly, I'd be ecstatic if I got wait listed, rather than not getting accepted at all. But of course, I'd ♥♥♥♥ to get in by just passing the freaking test.

Pamy was telling me that in her day -- four whole years ago -- there weren't many people reviewing as hard as we were today. And my dad was telling me he didn't even study! Not even review. He just took the test and passed it. And he applied for BS Pre-Med, a course that doesn't even exist anymore.

My sister was asking me what I'd do if I got into INTARMED. I said of course I'd take it and my dad was beaming like anything. He obviously wants someone to take Medicine. I wouldn't mind taking it, but that's if I pass the Intarmed. Not like I stand a chance. They only take 50 or something like that. I just want to get into the University. I don't care if I'm taking Nursing in UP Manila -- that's my fourth choice. Actually, I do, but just the fact that I got in, is enough for me.

Now, all I can do is go through my reviewers and hope my brain is a freaking sponge so that i can absorb everything I'm reading.