August 2nd, 2004

emma; only girl in the world

fake boys can cure a girl's jitters

I'm really nervous. I didn't think it would come down to this, but my stomach's already acting up and I feel like throwing up whenever someone mentions the UPCAT. I've got five days left till I finally take that test. Just once. One shot at it and If I blow it, I'll never get to go to my dream school. That's probably one thing I don't like about UP. One shot at it and if you bomb it, you'll NEVER get to take it again.

I know that I'm supposed to keep a positive attitude about all of this, but today, when I got into school, people were reviewing. During IW, people were still reviewing. As I got out of the classroom, people were really reviewing. What have I done? NOTHING!!! Absolutely nothing. I can feel the stocked knowledge draining out of me. All I'm left with is an empty head. Empty. So barren I couldn't even come up with a decent Ateneo essay.

According to sir, they won't read my reccommendations, transcript, or essay unless I'm wait-listed. Not something I want to be either. I'd like to get in by passing the ACET. Unfortunately, that isn't going to happen if I don't review my crap! I started with Jamie's Expert Guides handouts, but I'm just getting bored out of my rocker. I think I'll return to my Ahead stuff later. If only I was a tad more inspired.

Actually, right now, there are so many hot guys! Sure, they're all fake, but we all know how great fake guys are. They are absolutely fantabulous. After watching 24 season 2, I have quite a crush on Tony Almeida. Sure, he's 21 whole years older than me, but that doesn't matter (I was telling Yvina how old he was and she told me she heard he was only 21!!! I ♥♥♥ you Yvina!). He is just too hot!!! The voice. The way he handled himself. The way he kissed Michelle -- lucky girl! All while walking around in crutches. I've seen other guys walk with crutches, but no one can compare to Tony! No one! If any of you have the time, watch 24 season 2, episode 2:00 am - 3:00 am. Tony is on FIRE!!!

Although the fact that Jack Bauer saved the world, and had a buck naked scene wasn't bad at all. It amazes me how he can still kick some major ass after being tortured. And not just the lame, sissy torturing, but really hard core, electrocuting and slitting of the body with blades dipped in acid that rip through plastic. And still, he can think of so many battle plans. If Plan A fails, he's got a Plan B, Plan C, and even Plan D. This guy is so calm and cool and selfless -- he volunteered to do a suicide plane trip with the nuclear bomb to be sure it lands safely in the Mohave Desert so that no one would be affected by the radiation. Haaaay... My hero!

And of course, there's always Superman. Yes, he's unattainable too.

I have to get back to my Trig project. Not like I want to do it, but I'll do anything to get a higher grade in Trig. After that session test, I need all the extra credit ever. I'm even going to go back to my tutor just so I can get help. Still, this week is devoted to the UPCAT. A lot of people plan on not going to school on Friday. I'm actually thinking of that, but I'm not sure if my mom will allow me. Hopefully, I won't be too exhausted from CSDC so that I can still function the next day. It will be a very important day after all.

I just remembered Computer class a while ago. We were taught how to do some motion tweening. The phrase Hani and I put just keeps playing in my head. It's making me laugh really hard now. We're such suck-ups.

And I've seen this on so many journals. I've just never gotten around to trying it out myself.

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