July 10th, 2004

emma; only girl in the world

Of Soirees and Secrets

I just got home from 4A's very first soiree. With whom? 4D of La Salle Greenhills. I for one, have never been to a La Salle soiree and I really didn't know what to expect. I was this close to not going to the soiree as I was dead tired from the day and all I wanted to do was curl up in my bed and doze off to sleep. But as they say, "the early bird gets the worm, or something like that.

Basically, I had nothing to lose by going to this event. It wasn't going to make me less of a person and I was going to meet new people too. So what if my dad is totally against La Sallites, as he is an Atenean? So what if I know that all I'm doing by going to these parties is just setting myself for more heartache? So what.

After all, this year was supposed to be different and I was going to try new things that I had never experienced before. I cleared my mind of any horrible experiences and apprehensions and just went for it.

Getting ready was so much fun! No, we didn't take forever to get ready. Yeah right! Fen-fenita, Mindy, and I had a blast with Director Carlo. Boy was that fun or what? Thanks for inducting me into Direct's Elite. I feel totally flattered and I pledge to try to live up to my duties as a member of this exclusive force. I am proud and honored to be called on of you.

As usual, we enter the soiree late -- when Fen, Mindy, Yvina, and I, collectively known as P4, get together, we always manage to arrive late at anything -- and it was a good things had just begun. There weren't too many hot guys, but I have to say thank you to the ones I met for being nice. They were respectful and courteous and so much unlike what i had expected.

The unexpected though, was seeing my busmate since Kinder 1 there. We don't exactly get along and I was just surprised to see him. I smiled and did the niceties, but you really can't forge a friendship. I guess we just irk each other and I'm not really one to reconcile with him, as I see no point right now. Still, I didn't mind him much and that was left at that.

Of course, there's the cutie of the evening as always, but see, cuties go for other cuties and I know this might sound like I'm fishing, but I know that I'm not that. Still, I guess from the lack of choices, that one guy was the most pleasant to look at. The fact that he was talking to me and actually made sense was really a factor too. But due to the law of nature, there will always be competition. A cute guy will equal to a following and true enough, some of my other classmates are interested in him too.

Then again, I shouldn't even be pining too much, because I know this has no future. As usual, no one asked for my number. I really don't know why I just said that. But no one's really asked me for my number to my face. Wonderful. Just once in my life, I pray that someone takes the courage, and just gather his guts to come up to me instead of asking for it through a friend or someone else. I'm not even a snob. If you're not that bad looking and you and I talked during the soiree, of course I'll give you my number, as long as you promise me that you're not some crazy stalker dude to follows you around like a lost puppy and just doesn't know when to stop (this is not fictional and is really based on Den-den's misadventures with a whacko.)!

Actually now that I think, someone did ask for my number before. They were quite a few, I'm not ashamed to say. What I don't appreciate is when they aske for it and NOT text you anyway. I know it's for courtesy's sake, but goodness, that's what a handshake is for. Don't give someone the false hope that maybe, just maybe, they'll actually bother to send you some meaningless quote they had reserved there just for people whom they've just met after soirees. If you don't want to text them after the soiree, then just don't. It gives false hope to the poor girl.

Therefore, I rephrase my sentence. I wish that one day some guy, who looked fairly decent, who would actually use the number he's asking me for -- and not just to add to the collection of girls' numbers he has in his phonebook -- and whom I'm attracted to in a more than platonic way, could gather the courage to ask for my number, as he walks me out of the soiree and into my awaiting car while giving me a great reassuring smile and telling me sincerely how really did have fun talking to me and wasn't just doing this because he had to, and say with his nice deep voice, "It was great talking to you. Maybe we could talk some more tomorrow or the next day."

Then he could show you the screen of his cellphone where his cell phone number is typed out, hoping you'd copy it onto your own phone. "Here's my number. Just so you know who it is, when I do text you."

Then he opens the car door for you and you step into its sleek interiors and as he closes the door shut for you, you roll down your window and he bends -- as he is nice and tall with a great build -- and smiles at you saying, "hope you had a great time like I did. Have a safe trip home."

And with that simple phrase, your driver pulls away as he glimpses the last of you and smiles in knowing that maybe just maybe he finally found the right girl this time around. And with that, he walks back into the party with a smile on his face and with hope in his heart. As the camera pans away from him and out onto the scenery while the credits roll on my film-to-be and Bittersweet Symphony plays as a closing song.

How's that for fantasy, Direct's Elite???
emma; only girl in the world

Every single time

I don't know how many times I've watched it, but every single time I watch Bridget Jones Diary I just want to melt. It didn't help of course that my aunt was there to tell me, speaking with a voice of reality, that it was just a movie and things like that can't just ever happen.

Well guess what? I wish they did. That way, so many people would just be so happy. I know that love is never easy and I know it can't be all that it's put out to be, but goodness, I just want to enjoy a film without anyone telling me it's a fantasy. I've read the book and sure the movie isn't all that true it to it in some parts, but I think they've done a fantastic interpretation. Not to mention the adorable cast.

And as I am a lover of lists, I'm going to jot down the main reasons why I absolutely like love this movie.

Reasons why I love the movie version of Bridget Jones Diary

  • The scene where Marc Darcy tells Bridget, "I like you, just the way you are."
    The way Marc Darcy delivered that line was just too much for me. I just wanted to curl up and cry because I know that no one like that really exists. There are no sincere and HOT top barristers out there who will ever fall for clumsy, idiotic, tactless people like me. And since he said just as you are, that was just the clincher. That line took my breath away.

  • Marc Darcy
    Sure, Hugh Grant could have been the obvious choice, but this movie has changed my views -- way back when I first watched it -- because Colin Firth it probably one of the most gorgeous men I've seen on the screen. He doesn't come out to be the most pretty looking dude, but his attitude and the way he carries himself is just so manly. He has this chivalrous manner about him. He was so perfect as Marc Darcy. I could go on and on rambling about Marcy Darcy -- as if I haven't -- but to be honest, I'm tired and I want to go on.

  • Bridget isn't perfect
    In fact, she's far from being even remotely in control and that's why I love her. I feel really good for her when she finally triumphs because I know she deserves it. She makes me feel that I can accomplish something too without having too look picture perfect or having to live a charmed life. I can make it too and manage to snag a Marc Darcy for myself along the way.

  • The soundtrack
    I almost choked on my own tears when Out of Reach played during the scene where Bridget had just found out that Marc was going to marry the nasty bitch, Natasha. I swear I could feel her pain and not to mention her humiliation. She was just devastated and she probably felt like she was played for a fool. I was seriously in tears.

And the worst part is, these movies that I absolutely love, just won't ever get any recognition. They won't ever win Oscars. These movies are snubbed just because they have no social significance or have no cure for cancer. And to think, these are the movies which I absolutely adore. The Oscar screening committee had better watch more closely, because so many wonderful movies are slipping past their crummy fingers just because they aren't artsy enough.

Just to reiterate, if you haven't noticed, I think Bridget Jones Diary is a wonderfully, fantabulous movie and if you have time, watch it. You'll surely be entertained. But, if you have even more time on your hands, pick up the book and read it. It's got more of Bridget's misadventures and it won't bore you one bit. Besides, as my teacher once told me, we need to read more. It's good for us.
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