June 28th, 2004

emma; only girl in the world

Rehab anyone?

Is it just me or are the days getting longer? I'm only on my third week of school and I already can't wait for summer. Well, it's not like I always really do look forward to breaks because I wouldn't be a normal student if I actually waited to have more lessons. I guess, I'm just the average joe when it comes to these things. I just want the weekend -- preferably an extra long weekend.

I know that it's silly for me to do this considering I've only had 11 days of school, but it feels like forever. We had Trigonometry today and I felt like crying. Not because I was trying to so hard to understand the lesson (we're reviewing), but I can already see how the class is going to turn out. I don't have the drive the like I did last year with Advanced Algebra. There's just no interest on my part. It's not like the teacher is doing much to help. I just feel like I want to run out of the room screaming whenever we have classes. It's crazy. I feel crazy.

And I don't know but nothing seems to be ending on a happy note. I'm okay and I'm not depressed, but I'm just so tired from the monotonous drone of everyday routine. I know that I better get used to it, because that's what life is probably all about, but do I really have to spend my formative years sitting in a classroom that just isn't very conducive to learning?

Hani and I are just counting down to when we can chow down on lunch or recess or anything. I don't know why this is happening to me. I used to be so diligent. I was so much more responsible. Now, I just want to get out! I just want to finish. And that's horrible. I need to be extra attentive this year and instead all I do is laugh during class. If I'm not laughing, I'm sleeping.

Help! I need a serious change. I need to get on one of those 12 steps to a better future kind of programs. I need to rehabilitate myself because at the rate I'm going, I probably won't even graduate. I know I can do better, I'm just so f***ing lazy. Instead of studying, here I am reading The Emperor's New Journal by Pamy. What's wrong with me? I need a do-over. I need a fresh start. I know that all i have to do is get off my ass and get a move on.

Damn, I'm too lazy.
emma; only girl in the world

Jessica Simpson

The Blonde Bombshell
Jessica, Jessica, Jessica. I actually like her. I don't like her music too much, but I think she's really adorable. I also think she's very lucky to have snagged Nick Lachey because I don't know who else would bother to put up with her princess-sy ways.

The Blonde Bombshell -- maybe. She came at the wrong time. Britney was already staging a battle with Christina and there just wasn't any room for her to shine. But now, I think she's found her niche playing the modern housewife with a life on her reality show Newlyweds and with her newly released noontime entertainment show that will surely blow all our local productions away. I don't know what this is supposed to enhance her image, but hey, I'm not calling the shots in her career!

Nevertheless, she caps the list of 25 Hottest Stars under 25 and maybe she wasn't the best ending, but she does make me see how even princesses who live charmed lives can get a reality based show despite the fact that she does nothing really. Oh no, I'm not talking about Paris Hilton here. My bad.

**out of a possible five