June 22nd, 2004

emma; only girl in the world

Dream on

Was I bored as ever today? I guess that's the ongoing theme of my life. I do try to be interested in what's going on in school, but today was just freaking boring. I could have slept through the entire thing and I would be happier. Not that I couldn't, because I can. I guess, I just feel guilty if I sleep and not pass any of my tests on my last year in school.

Sometimes, things are just a tad too slow for me. I'm not the biggest Trigonometry fan and so far, I'm not getting interested at all. The teacher isn't helping much either. Not that I'm being discriminating, but I guess she could do a better of job of making her students interested in the class. She's nice for sure, but niceness isn't all there is to it. You've got to be lively and have some interaction with the class and so far I see zilch of either.

THE was a whole different ball game. How am I supposed to pass this thing when I don't even understand what she's saying? It wouldn't matter much if her subject wasn't TWO whole units of my report card. That means if I don't pass her subject, I could be stuck in summer school. Not something I'm looking forward to. So even to her I have to listen and trust me, even the most diligent student would want to slack with her.

I told my mom to buy me my Foxtrot stuff. I need a notebook and a belt and a few ballpens and it's so weird because I thought the frowning and looking five hundred meters away thing would be so easy, but as I try it, I can't even do it properly. We were asked to jab during lunch time and I couldn't help but smile at the craziness of what we were doing. They told us to look far away and all I could see was Ma'am Enriquez looking at us in frustration. Oh well, I'm going to try my best. Excellence in CSDC here I come.

I dream too much.
emma; only girl in the world

Christina Aguilera

The Dirrty Diva
I wasn't the biggest Christina fan when she first came out because I was a Britney person, but now, I realize the error in my ways. She's a really great singer. Her voice is a hella lot better than Britney's for sure and her vocal range really blows me away.

She's got pipes of steel. I don't doubt why she's successful in what she does. The thing is, she didn't have to go the extreme way just to get herself noticed. She could have been a little milder with the dirrtiness. She looked so much better with her blond hair -- not the platinum one. Then she got all those piercings and the I-don't-shower-anymore-and-that's-what-makes-me-cool look just isn't working for me. Because last time I checked, Madonna took her baths and she's crazy popular -- she's immortal already as it is.

I love her songs and her albums are great. It wouldn't hurt if she took a bath every once in a while so that she wouldn't stink too much (not that I bothered to smell her). This girl reeks with talent, she shouldn't smell of anything else because success is a sweet, sweet smell.

**out of a possible five