June 12th, 2004

emma; only girl in the world

Chester, my love

I can't believe this, but I actually dreamt of Chester from Linkin Park. I don't know why he was in my freaking dream, but he was there and he was actually sort of endearing. Then again, this is a dream, so everything should go my way. Still, it was nice to know that this guy who yells his lungs out during sold-out shows where people body bump each other, could be so sweet and kind during a poor girl's dream.

As much, as I'd like to expound on that dream, there a tad bit details that could set my journal on fire, so I think I'll keep it to that.

Moving on, my cousin, Guel has finally come over to our house. Sure, he didn't bring his sister with him, but he was great. They're still hanging around me in their pajamas and playing their guitars. I feel like I'm in the middle of a jamming session. In fact, I feel right at home with all my siblings and cousins just chilling beside me.

Anyway, I just want to thank Guel for giving us some really cute umbrellas from Thailand. What a sweetie! I didn't even think he could be this nice to me, and now I'm really going to miss him that he's going back to Singapore. Haay, he's such a nice guy. If only we could have more guys like him. Yes, I'm biased, but he's such a nice guy.

Today is my last Saturday of the summer. And we're having a party at our house because we've got so many people coming over from abroad. It's so weird because I really don't feel like attending one of these parties where I have to schmooze with people I don't really meet often. Still, I guess this is what we call social obligations. Whether you want to or not, you just have to do it.

Speaking of things you have to do. I made up with my little sister. She was too nice to me despite the little fiasco yesterday morning and I just couldn't stay mad at her. So, there you go, yet another dutiful act done by yours truly. Damn! I'm too soft!
emma; only girl in the world

Britney Spears

The Queen of Controversy
I was such a Britney fan. I don't really know if I still am. I do like her songs... yes, her songs. They're upbeat and fun and they don't require much vocal range or power. They're entertaining. In fact, I'm just going to come out and say that I am a fan, because I do have all her CDs and all even her DVDs. The thing is, I just don't get why she needs such hype and publicity. The wrong kind, for that matter. She just can't content herself with the fame she has. She breaks up with Justin for Wade. She gets married and divorced in one day. She hooks up with Columbus Short and now this married dude.

What's happened to her? What has she done to herself? Why is she doing this? I just don't know why she has to take so much publicity when she's already popular enough. Britney is destroying herself little by little and she doesn't even know it.

Such a waste of a worked out body. Such a waste.

**out of a possible five

doesn't make her any less of a waste