June 7th, 2004

emma; only girl in the world


I just finished wrapping around 30 school books that don't belong to me! I must say that I'm quite proud of myself. THIRTY??? I don't think I've ever wrapped that many books in my entire lifetime all in one sitting. Though, I can brag and say that my mom doesn't need to repair the books I've wrapped anymore. Unlike before, when I was really really really young and I was trying to help my mom out with the book wrapping so I did all the books and well, let's just say that my mom had to redo the entire thing! All the books! Shame on me.

The guilt trip with my mom making my uniform for me is still here as she slept just a few minutes ago because she was trying to finalize the second pattern for my uniforms. I feel really bad because I wanted smaller uniforms and it turned out the first pattern (which I insisted on was just the right kind of small) was too small for me. Now my mom was to redo the entire thing. I'm so selfish it's embarrassing.

That's why I wrapped the books of all my siblings. Out of sheer guilt. And yet, despite the 30 books, I still feel really guilty. This is horrible.

We were at my grandma's house for lunch because Guel had just arrived from Singapore and all I have to say was the food was great!!! Everything was so good. I restrained myself from eating too much though, to my dismay, but it's for my own good anyway.

Usually after lunch, everyone just hangs out and the adults and children race to the Tita Mildred's house which is next door for dessert and just chilling. Also, it's almost a habit of the kids to watch marathons of CSI. But it was different this time because the oldies watched The House of Sand and Fog on the huge screen.

So, Pamy and I decided that we would watch The Girl with the Pearl Earring at the other house (my grandmas's). It stars Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth looking really really really really dirty. I don't really blame him. He was supposed to be in the 16th century and he was in Delft, Holland or something like that. It was a really good film with very few dialogue. A really visual film.

I like the fact that they didn't need special effects or extraordinary lines to get me hooked, because I just liked the calmness and elegance of it all. It wasn't dragging despite it's 2 hours 35 minutes run and I was definitely paying attention to the film and not to the hot actors as Colin looked very disappointing.

Their "love" story was interesting too, because it was so subtle and tastefully done. It was just so nice to watch two people who are obviously so attracted to each other and yet are so cautious because they both know the consequences of their actions.

I loved the part when Colin (who plays master artist, Jan Vermeer by the way)was turning the house upside down so that he could look for the comb his very annoying wife had supposedly lost. He was so Neanderthal-ish; throwing things around and not stopping at anything till he found the stupid comb. It was so animal-like and very very very HOT to watch. Whew!

I noticed that Scarelett loves movies where she gets paired off to really old guys. I don't blame her for choosing to be in this film though, because to be honest, I thought it was a really artistic piece of work.
emma; only girl in the world

Kirsten Dunst

The Veteran
Kirsten Dunst and I have one thing in common. At least, right now, this is what comes to mind... We're in love with the same man -- Jake Gyllenhaal. Other than that, I'm kind of biased when it comes to Kirsten.

She's competition after all to the affections of the man we both desire. Okay, enough fooling around, I actually like her movies. I think she's really talented and she can be very diverse too. She's had so many movies, I can't really fault her too much. I especially like her in Bring it On, Crazy Beautiful, and Spider Man. She doesn't get on my nerves when she's on screen and that says a lot, because everyone and I mean everyone pisses me off.

I haven't seen her serious roles though, like The virgin Suicides but I'm sure she was okay in it. I find her a bit thin though. She dresses nicely most of the time and she doesn't seem like she's trying too hard. If she let go of Jake though, I think I'll like her even more.

**out of a possible five
emma; only girl in the world

New York, New York

Such a do gooder, I've become. I helped my mom with the book wrapping and now, I have taught my little brothers how to label their own books. Aww... such sweet little boys they can be, if only they tried. Still, I'm not complaining, as they can be real brats too. Pietro and Pio are real devils too. It's such a shame they're going to class tomorrow. Oh well, my school rocks in that sense. I'm not going back to that little pink building till next Monday.

Suffice to say, this is my LAST Monday for the summer and according to a certain article I read, I'm supposed to be living it up by having a Mega Movie Monday. Well, that's not exactly what I did as I woke up at 3 pm. Well, I don't really blame myself. I did sleep at 6 in the morning. Not exactly very healthy, but I promised myself that tonight would be different. I am going to rest. Yes, rest. I always complain about not having enough sleep during the school year and yet here I am not doing anything about it.

So, now, I am about to eat dinner. My mom is about to call me to run down the stairs and chomp down on her scrumptious feast, and I'm thinking that i probably wasted my last Monday of the summer. I'm supposed to be having the Mega Movie Monday and no, I didn't do that at all. Such a sucker...

Still, I'm glad I actually have a week left. All my siblings are returning to the hell hole called school this week. Well tough luck for them, because for the first time, I'm actually thankful I'm in my school.

* * *

Now, I really want to go to New York. I'ts been a fantasy ever since, but I just needed a little boost. I'm a paparazzi freak. I know they killed Princess Diana, but I'm such a celebrity sucker, that I like seeing how stars are when they're not all made up and living their supposedly normal lives, like me, normal person.

Now it helps a lot if the guy you're crushing on now has camera men hounding him, becuase I get to see him in his normal state. Although, now that I think about it, hopefully it'll die down when I'm the one he's finally with.

Whoops! Looks like I missed my medication today. Delusional tendencies are a bitch. My bad.
emma; only girl in the world

Justin Timberlake

The King of Cool
He says he's a cocky bastard and I actually believe him. Justin has come a long way and I'm not saying that's it's for the good. I have to admit that I was probably the biggest *N Sync fan ever. I'm not kidding you.

In fact, I was very supportive of Justin's solo effort, but things have gone strangely horrible for him. He breaks up with Britney -- they have their reasons, he hooks up with everyone else and now he's bashing his former group. The group that sowed for him the seeds of fame, of which he is currently reveling in the popularity and success he has reaped from it.

Sure, he's cute, but attitude is important too. And I don't really think he's doing much in the looks department now, as he is looking dirtier and dirtier. It's not working for me. He's got an attitude problem and it's no longer confidence that oozes out of him, but conceit.

I agree with him on one thing though, he is a cocky bastard.

**out of a possible five
Doesn't mean he's any less of an ass.