June 5th, 2004

emma; only girl in the world

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

The Wonder Twins
I am not exactly an Olsen Twins fan as I do not really look out for their movies or wait with bated breath for their spring collection to be released. On the other hand, I don't hate them either. In fact, I have to say I congratulate them for being so enterprising and entertaining.

At such a young age, they're already millionaires. Who cares if they have their faces plastered on bed sheets, key chains, cups, underwear, and who knows what else. At least they're sure they can survive for the rest of their lives considering they don't do anything too crazy with their money. Heck! They can pay for their own tuition fees as they enroll at NYU this fall. Lucky girls!

I'm no fan, but I have to admit that everytime one of their movies shows on HBO, I actually stay put and watch it. I especially like Passport to Paris. Cute guys, cute girls, cute movie. It's not something you have to ponder on, it's just something that you can do to pass time. They don't offend me and surely are a better way to spend your afternoon.

Over all, I think the reason they're in this list is because they're the IN thing right now. They've got a movie coming out and with the success of their business, they were the top choice, for sure.

**out of a possible five
emma; only girl in the world

Princess Diaries 2

Yes, a movie is in the works. Being such a fan of the book, I didn't think the first movie was such a great adaptation. However, I think that the movie was -- for a lack of a better word -- entertaining. I'm a really easy person to please and the movie made me laugh.

The thing is, the movie wasn't exactly very true to the book and yet a second movie is coming out and the more this one has nothing to do with the actual context of the what Meg Cabot had so brilliantly written. Nevertheless, the second movie has some high points and low ones.

Low points: Besides the fact that they don't follow the book, Michael Moscovitz's character won't even be there. Robert Carmine/Schwartman/Copolla-Cage or whatever he wants to be called right now, is concentrating on his band, Rooney. If you ask me though, I think he just refuses to do the movie as it'll cramp his emo-punk style. I don't blame him. The people who listen to his music are not the people who will watch the said movie. With an exception of a few people like me. Lana, Josh and a whole bunch of characters won't be there either.

High points: Cute guys. Take out one hot guy and replace him with two cuties. Two new characters who happen to be very very cute. Callum Blue and Chris Pine are just too cute. Actually, they're very pretty and I am quite jealous. Another thing is, I'm such a Anne Hathaway fan that any movie she's in, I'm definitely going to watch.

So, for those interested, here's the synopsis of the movie:
After getting over the revelation that she is a princess and part of the royal family of the small and obscure European nation of Genovia (with a population of just 50,000), American teenager Mia (Hathaway) moves to the actual country she represents, with her best friend, Lilly (Matarazzo) tagging along during summer vacation (note: they're both now high school graduates). As she learns the job of being a country's future ruler, one challenge she's faced with is the prospect of being set up in an arranged marriage.

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emma; only girl in the world


I finally watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. And I have to say that it is such a great film. Nothing profound and nothing spectacular, but definitely worth my while. It was cute how Harry has so much more character this time around. He's got a lot more emotions and I could really feel for him. I thought Gary Oldman and David Thewlis who played Sirius Black and Professor Remus Lupin respectively, gave their characters so much more depth.

Actually, this was the movie that made the characters really shine. Harry was a lot braver. Hermione wasn't only just a know-it-all, but she also showed that she had a caring side. Ron was of course himself, but better. Despite the changes in their appearances, they definitely gave better performances as actors.

If they do continue the series, they're going to be so old when they film that I'm not sure it'll look very realistic, but I certainly hope they retain the same actors because I hate it when they change midway. Like when they changed Caitlin from Sunset Beach. They changed her midway through the show and to a less pretty one too. It was just so annoying to watch how it was a different actress to the same character.

Although Michael Gambon did a good job looks-wise -- he looks like Dumbledore (the original one) -- I can't say much about his character. The first Dumbledore was so serious all the time and barely made any wise cracks. This time around, he was actually moving. Not stagnant and statue-esque. In fact, he kept on cracking jokes. It was really funny to see this.

Despite the many inconsistencies throughout the film, I thought Alfonso Cuaron did a great job. He came at an odd time, because the third book is definitely hard to interpret into a movie, and yet he did a fine piece of art. In fact, I don't know why he isn't staying on to do the fourth book. Conflict perhaps with the studio? I don't know, but I certainly enjoyed this movie.

* * *

Just had to say, welcome back Guel!!! I can't believe my cousin who has been studying in Singapore is finally back. It was so cool to see him again despite the minor setbacks a while ago. It's so weird cause he's only been gone for a few months, but it seems like forever. He's only going to be here for three weeks then he's got to return to school.

I'm so happy he's here. I can't believe it.
emma; only girl in the world

Hilary Duff

The Teen Queen
Hilary is a different story. I like her. I think she's very cute and she makes me feel good about myself. She doesn't exactly have the smallest arms and I'm glad that she isn't insecure about them.

She makes me feel like flaws are okay in a person considering she's an actress and all that. With her Lizzie McGuire Series, she really got catapulted into show business and I think she deserves it. I don't know if she's worthy of Chad Michael Murray, her co-star in her new movie, though, but other than that she's okay with me. She's not extremely pretty which makes her a very normal person with flaws too. The thing I love about her, if any, is that she's very near normality. Not too much hype and not too much drama to her life. She's just trying to have fun.

**out of a possible five