June 4th, 2004

emma; only girl in the world

Back too soon

We had to go back to school today for an UPCAT seminar. It was helpful, sure, but it wasn't anything I hadn't heard before. Thanks to the guidance though for being so supportive of our plight to get into our chosen university. I surely hope I get into UP, because it's that or nothing. And no, I don't think I'm being too hard on myself. Okay, maybe a little. Just a teeny bit. We can do this!

I woke up a bit too early for my standards this morning and I actually managed to drag myself all the way to the school. How did that happen? Well, my dad volunteered to take me there, but plans change and instead I was dropped of at the beloved MRT station. That Quezon Avenue station is just my favorite. Why? For quite a few reasons...

  1. It's where everyone happens to get on the MRT.
    No kidding. I don't see why there has to be any other station anyway, because that's where everybody and I mean absolutely EVERYONE gets on the MRT. But wait...

  2. Despite the fact that so many MRTs pass by, you can't get into a single one of them.

    This part really sucks! I had to wait for seven... 7, SEVEN trains to pass by before I could get into -- rather cram myself into one! I couldn't believe it. This was crazy. People were really pushing and shoving to get into the freaking thing. My "frail" and tiny body was no match for the hordes of masses getting into the suddenly tiny train.

    I could feel myself squished in between people whom I certainly didn't know and I honestly didn't want to know. I didn't even have to hold on to those rails which are supposed to keep you from falling because I was chest to chest with total strangers. I have never been so near to anyone in my entire life. I was nearer to strange men than I was when I slow danced at my prom.

  3. No one cares how you smell

    At least I think so. I actually care how others smell, but does my opinion matter? Nope, you are there with the rest of humanity. I consider myself lucky as morning rush peeps have just taken their baths. Still, I don't exactly consider myself blessed.

  4. It gets you where you want to go... fast

    No doubt about that one. It surely beats the traffic along EDSA, but the thing is, the time it takes you to actually get onto a train is about ten times longer than it is to get to wherever you want to go.

I don't exactly have time to experiment which is faster, getting on a bus or the MRT, but next time, would be cool.


Hopefully, there won't have to be a next time! Although, I'm quite proud of myself for being able to commute at such a tender age in this concrete jungle where you can get mugged, killed, and raped! I am a commuter and this is what it's like to be a part of the work force.

Someone quasi wise told me (actually, I just overheard her talking to her companion while waiting to get onto the MRT) that she didn't know why everyone keeps saying there aren't any jobs out there. Honestly, the amount of people going to work and filling up the MRT is a testimony of just how many people DO have jobs.

It wouldn't hurt if everyone could earn a living, but if everyone did have a job, no one could ever get to their so called jobs because the MRT would be too full to even function. Then, they'd all get fired from their newly acquired jobs because they're always late to work.

Then again, that's just what too many onion rings does to your brain.

After the entire MRT fiasco and UPCAT seminar, I had to do some "errands" for my mom. This made me feel really responsible and sort of helpful. Trust me, anything I can do for my mom, I will. I'm already feeling so guilty for asking for a new set of uniforms. My Mom sews all my uniforms and this year she's making me a new set. For my last year of high school. Four new uniforms. Two hundred days. That's it.

What a selfish child I've become!!! The guilt is definitely sinking in. Especially since one of our helpers has gone of vacation, now my mom has to cook too! I'm such a brat! So, I bought plastic wrapper for the books and I have volunteered myself to wrapping five sets of books. Not an easy feat, but anything for mom. ♥♥♥♥♥

Then I bump into my gorgeous cousin, Nique. Not really on purpose! I was texting her mom and I found out she was in the same mall. We hang out for a while and I was so tempted to sleep over at her place as we are all awaiting the grand homecoming of her brother who has been locked away in a Singapore boarding school on a scholarship! Guel, we all miss you!!!

Coming home was a breeze. Katipunan is definitely my turf and I can commute going home from there with my eyes closed. A slight challenge though as I had a tall roll of plastic with me and tons of food from Tita Letty who always loads us with great stuff from her home because she says no one ever eats at their place.

I don't blame her. She lives in the middle of a hotspot! Why would you want to eat in when there are so many restaurants to choose from. Did I mention she lives next to the cinema? I couldn't resist temptation. So going home had a few hitches plus the drizzling rain, but hey, I'm a semi-veteran commuter. Nothing could dampen my mood.

Funny though cause the moment I set foot inside the house, I almost collapsed. Not really, I read the book I bought, and went through People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People List and I realized that people don't have to be beautiful to get on the list. Sure, they all have some looks, but not all of them were THAT pretty. You just have to be controversial. Then again, maybe it's just me, but I guess I realized that too late in life.

They say that school is a stones throw away. Yeah, I really want to stone the school. Sorry, I couldn't help it.
emma; only girl in the world

25 Hottest Stars Under 25

I am an obvious fan of lists of sorts and Teen People's little list of 25 Hottest Stars under 25 just won't escape me. Then again, this is my personal opinion, so I don't think anyone should take it against me. This is going to be a daily commentary of what I think of each of the 25 "Hottest" Stars under 25.

I highly doubted that Merriam Webster would have the fitting definition for HOT so I decided to consult the Urban Dictionary.Com to see what they thought HOT meant.

  1. A desciptive word for matter when in a state more excited than usual. Touching a hot object generally gives a painful, stinging sensation.
    The glowing hot sheet of aluminium burned my hand when I touched it.

  2. Having great sexual attractivity.
    The girl on the other side of the street was the hottest person I had ever laid my eyes upon.