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Superficial Laceration

I just can't seem to get through a week without anything "major" happening. Who knew my PE (philippine games) could get so rough?

Just for the sake of not being "IT," I trip on my own feet and fall flat on my face, into muddy cement -- complete with grass, and I end up cutting my chin (right above the cut I got when I was three years old) and my knees.

split chin

Officially, it's called a superficial laceration to the chin and an abrasion to the knee. My prof was so sweet, she cancelled class, and accompanied me to the infirmary. But not before I embarrass myself in front of not only MY classmates, but a CHK majors class (filled with cute guys, buff and all) who were all so accomodating and helpful. I temporarily forgot my pain.

The wuss in me though, can't handle needles much and I refused to get it sutured. My dad says its fine though. I get fixed up again at my grandmas house by not just ONE doctor, but THREE doctors and TWO nurses. I so take for granted having doctors in my life.

These are times I get delusions of becoming a doctor. Its times like these and Grey's Anatomy that do it for me.
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