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The Requisite No Class Entry

The first NO CLASSES due to the weather of the school year is here and I can't believe I'm at home. I was expecting UP to still push through with classes, luckily, they took pity on all of us. Then again, class without electricity would be pretty difficult to muster.

The wind is pretty strong and we didn't have any power till a few minutes ago. I'm hoping this extends till tomorrow (having no class but with electricity), but according to this, only Region 1 and 2 have no class tomorrow. And that sucks.

I still have to do the BC100 presentation and paper this weekend. Hopefully everyone will pull through. Then there's that AVP to worry about. Gotta love the weather.

What sucks even more is I'm going to have Friday class AND Saturday class. Boo.
Tags: college sophomore, weather and calamities
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