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Cause You Need to Know

I've been so nervous for our BC100 report next week, that I've not been able to do much outside that. We've already gone to LSFM, Magic, and Mellow Touch and I think our AVP should stay afloat with the interviews we've conducted.

So far all the people we've interviewed have been ultra nice. But nothing sticks out like our LSFM experience. We (Ali, Anna, Ruth and I) head to the GMA studios (with absolutely no appointment) on a Friday morning and we were a little nervous because we hadnt scheduled anything.

But once we stepped into the radio booth (which wasnt really a booth considering its spaciousness), our nervousnes turned into sheer kilig. The DJs were freaking dreamy. And i'm not just saying this. John Hendrix and Joe Spinner could seriously make me melt any time of the day.

I dont listen to 97.1 often, but John Hendrix totally makes me want to wake up early. I dont know how we managed to keep straight faces while interviewing him because we were all just swooning over him. He was so intelligent (or maybe he was just good at sounding it) and was ultra nice to us.

And me being a shameless fangirl and all, I got a picture!!! I'll post it some other time, cause I'm too lazy right now. and he gave us a calling card. Though he probably does this to everyone and is probably so used to girls swooning over him, we were just elated. Though I've washed the hand he shook, I think its safe to say, his essence is still with me.

This morning, as I got ready, I found myself tuning in to 97.1 just because.
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