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The Week That Was and Currently Is

Last week was probably the busiest, most hectic, most eventful week I had had in ages. And I thought this week would be a little calmer, looks like I was wrong. I think that I'll be busy busy busy till my BC100 report finishes; till MCO week is over and till Tito Dennis goes back to New York.

My poem was chosen first for MP 115. I know that its a workshop, but I guess I hadn't fully prepared myself for the "constructive criticism" that had taken place. First off, I hate writing poems. I guess that made it difficult. Second, I hate writing poems, so it was difficult and third, I hate writing poems.

Basically, I was on the brink of tears. I'm such a weakling. I didnt cry though, thank goodness. My professor would have thought I was such a wuss (which I am). Still, hanging out in the sunken garden (something I hadn't done ever) made things better. Plus the fact that Con found my precious wallet made everything go away.

at the sunken garden

I hadn't eaten in Kenny Rogers in quite some time either (the last time was three summers ago, I think), so the food was definitely something I looked forward to. I got my usual (combo A) and loved every single bite. Except for my muffin of course, which I really don't eat. I gave it to Flau (who isn't even supposed to be eating sweets).

eating at kennys

Happy Birthday Ely!!! I seriously didnt think I would go to lunch with them since I'm only a quasi member of the Dinner Group, but I was touched by the birthday boy's gesture. After my wonderful Comm 100 class that didnt seem to last forever (for the first time), we trooped over to Mang Jimmy's. I had never been to Mang Jimmy's, but I didn't regret it. The food was superb! If you order FIVE viands, you get TWO for free! And there's unlimited rice too, I think. I'm not much of a rice person though, so it didnt matter much.

at mang jimmys

Then we headed over to Chocolate Kiss just because Ely hadn't blown his candles out. We ordered in pairs, except for Christer (we were seven after all). There was Devil's Food Cake, Sansrival, Chocolate Chip Cheesecake and Blueberry Cheesecake. I swear, CAKES are LOVE ♥♥♥

at chocolate kiss

Because we had a deadline to meet, Con and I did a tagteam to get the publicity posters for MCO sign up out and about. The long day started with me waiting around for our adviser Ma'am Jazmines to sign the paper. That was the easy part. The long wait began when I dropped of the form at Ma'am Portus' office. It took EIGHT hours to get it signed with Con waiting at CMC the entire time.

When we finally get it signed, we run to the OSA to stamp our posters. Wait. What posters? We were in front of Eng'g when Bikoy offers us a lift and we realize we had left the posters in CMC. Beautiful.

Thank goodness for cars. We still manage to get them stamped and approved before the 4pm deadline. That's team work for you.

Then we (Con, Kimbe, Christer and I) end up going to Ever (some for the very first time) to get some supplies. The obvious next stop would be my house where we ate dinner. Impromptu, for sure. But it was fun nevertheless.


izzle-loveI sat through an entire Gawad Plaridel for the first time. It was actually kind of fun. I shared half my seat with Leo half the time because he didnt have a seat. It was actually interesting. The awardee, Tiya Dely has been in radio since FOREVER and I mean forever.

Even last years awardee, Vilma Santos was there. That just means there would be Vilmanians all around. I actually wanted a picture with her (I get starstruck really easily), but I was to shy to brave the crowds. Chesa was lucky enough though.

Then we had another GA, where Abby and Dana just hammed it up for the cameras. These girls have not one shy fiber in their bodies. They are so my idols. The GA didnt seem to last as long though.

ga snippets

beee happyI had to pick Pietro up so I ended up eating dinner with my dinner group minus Con, plus Ayeen and Lucky. I ate the Chicken Torpedo. I like KFC's version though. But it was pretty good. The rest of the bunch were going to Sarah's in KNL, but I knew I couldn't go. It was a good thing too, because I was pretty deadbeat already and I needed some rest. One day, I'll go there, with a driver of course. So I can have a little more fun.

I have to say that after eating in Jollibee for a few days in a row, I still stand by my Fiesta Palabok. Its got the best combination of toppings and the sauce is just amazing. The shrimp and eggs are just so yummy and its just enough to make me full without making me bloated. Still, I like McDonalds french fries better. Jollibee's is pretty good, but no one beats McDo.

Still, when food is free, I'll take them all. I'm not picky. Really, no.

Good bye backlog of entries. Being busy really sucks. I'm glad that this Wednesday was quasi-free. I spent the morning in CMC (again), meeting up with my BC100 group so we could get the ball rolling on our AVP, presentation et al. I'm really afraid for this because I feel like we've got a lot to prove to our professor. Here's to hoping things turn out well.

stars are blind

just my imaginationAnd I know its probably just me, but I think Micx looks like Yoon Eun Hye! Not in this picture, but if you watch Goong (only one of the BEST Kdramas ever!) and know Micx, you'll so see the similarities.

Then again, this is coming from a girl who used to confuse Nicolas Cage with Bruce Willis and Sam Rockwell with Mark Rufallo and Chris Rock with Chris Tucker. So there.

Finally, I have found a KDRAMA friend in Chesa. He can speak Korean and he goes to Korea TWICE a year! The lucky guy! Who knew he watched Goong too? We spend lunch time raving about Goong. He's obviously a Yul fan, while I am still on Team Shin. I cant wait till I have time to watch Goong on DVD.

goong love

I take too many pictures. Now I know why Multiply has a photo limit. I might exceed. I must cut down pronto.
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