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History Does Repeat Itself

Maybe I'm cursed, but a week ago (a year ago), I lost my coin purse.

I was on a jeepney going to the Math building and I lost it. It probably dropped from my pocket, because I didn't notice it fall. The point is, I was a freshman, scared and didnt know what the hell I would do.

I thought things would change.

A week ago, I lost my wallet. I didn't notice I had lost it till I needed it (to pay for dinner). I thought I could handle it maturely and calmly. I was wrong. I totally panicked and was at a loss as to what the hell I would do. My license and my school ID were inside. So many things were going wrong.

It was a good thing I had my friends with me. If they (Con, Flau, Christer, Kimbe, Ynna, and Dreo) weren't there, I don't know how I would have held up. They fed me dinner (though I wasn't in the mood to eat). And they even went back to Mass Comm with me (at night! despite their dorm curfews or lack thereof) and searched the parking lot.

We didnt find it that night, but Con (my ever sweet superhero) found it the next morning. If I could tie the wallet around my neck, I would. I'm just glad I had such wonderful friends with me that night. As Flau says, "things could be worse." Thank god they weren't.

my search and rescue team
I dont know how I would have made it out alive without you guys
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