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Scarlett Johansson

The It Girl
Pamy and I watched Lost in Translation and fell in love with it, so we can definitely see why she's such a hot item. Scarlett loves offbeat roles that other actresses her age just wouldn't go for.

Not that I'm playing favorites, because she's definitely not mine. I'm just being objective. Like in the Girl with the Pearl Earring, she was really convincing as Griet, the maid of the painter Jan Vermeer. It was just so nice to watch a movie with a teen star (I don't know if I should call her that), and know that you'll be thinking in that film. It's such a breath of fresh air.

Sure, she's got her occasional disaster film (Eight Legged Freaks), but I guess everyone does need a break. Other than that, Scarlett Johansson, is pretty damn hot!

**out of a possible five
Tags: 25 hottest stars under 25
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