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Busy Wednesday Once More

I swear these "free" Wednesdays aren't so free after all.

I originally intended to have the middle of the week off so that I could rest and stuff. Not really. I'm not really complaining, because I've been enjoying myself so much, but one of these days I'm going to wish at least ONE Wednesday was free. Please let it be free?

happy birthday jerick!

It was Jerick had his birthday today and though we didnt get to watch Superman with him, it was just fun to greet him in the skywalk. I just realized how noisy we were in the sky walk that when we stopped talking, the sky walk became A LOT quieter. Oh well, so much for being scandalous.

flash reporters!Today, We (Ely, Dana, Ynna and I) brought the K6 to their Media Tour. GMA 7 and SWS were kind enough to tour us in their stations, just like I did last year, as a freshman. Its so weird. Just a year ago, I was the freshie and now I'm accompanying them. Time does fly fast.

It was cool because we got to visit the AM and FM stations of GMA. Ely was even interviewed on air and I super applaud him for being so calm and cool. I swear if it was me, I would be stuttering half the time and totally speechless. I get starstruck so easily.

The LSFM station was really pretty too. I hope I can one day dj there, or anywhere for that matter. I dont know if Radio is for me, but it looks really interesting. Our tour guide, Patty (such a great name!) was from Journalism too and she looked like she had a fun job. Still, I'd much rather work in the radio part.

We even got to watch the rehearsals for SiS. Last year, we were on the floor during their anniversary special. This time, we were in the gallery. It was nice staying there because it was more quiet and yet you saw everything that went on. So much goes into a tv show and it just overwhelms me how many people have to work to make that work. We saw Carmina's kids too and they were so adorable. Her daughter has such pretty long hair too. It made me want to grow my hair. But with this heat, I'm so tempted to just chop it all off right now. Too bad that I didnt see any cute tv stars.

When we got back to CMC, Con, Flau, Christer, and Charles were waiting around, wondering what to do next. I still had to pick Pietro so I had some time to kill. Besides, I missed eating dinner with them already. I'm also going broke thanks to this. Must break this nasty habit. I'm such a sucker for great company, that's what it is.

cmc parking lot

After forever, we finally end up eating at Wok Dis Way. I've never been there so it was something new to try for me. I don't really eat in restaurants often (though its getting plentier by the day), but this was okay for me. The sisig I ate was kind of spicy (it's okay, Ate Con, I'm fine), but other than that, I didnt really care. I was laughing half the time and its just nice to hang with friends.

I dont know if its the novelty of "new friends." Although technically, I'm not really new in the org. But its just been recently that I got closer to them. Still, I guess joining an org wasnt such a bad idea after all. Definitely one of my better college decisions so far.
dinner at Wok Dis Way

Thank god its Thursday tomorrow. I just want this week to end. Although with the end of the week means 2 weeks left to prepare for the dreaded BC100 presentation. Gar.

and i'm really nervous for tomorrow. eb meeting: brace yourself. talk about a talking to. something i'm not really looking forward to.
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