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Control Myself

I dont know if its just me, but I find that I worry a lot more about my major subjects now over my GE (general education) subjects. I thought I'd miss going to AS but really, I'd rather be in CMC.

I woke up extra early today too. I had to make sure I returned the "reserved books" I had only borrowed overnight. Since I had to get them in before 9am, I had to wake up a lot earlier just so I could make it past the traffic.

Since I got to school really early (7:30am -- which was what time class in high school used to start), I actually go to hang with Ruth, Christer and Ely before my BC100 class. I learned my lesson too. I'm never going to get my picture taken before I fully wake up.

breakfast club

Today, my Korean classmates finally arrived. I have to admit, that I was shy at first. I know I had practically sold myself as their "helper" when I told Ma'am Aseron that I liked all things Korea, but I actually got really nervous today. First off, I knew they were all going to be older than me. But they were really nice.

There were five of them (three guys and two girls) and though none of the guys come close to Joo Ji-Hoon (thanks outof_fous!), Daniel Henney or Ji Jin-Hee, but they were really sweet. We got Brandon as our groupmate and its a good thing that he majors in Broadcasting so at least he's not going to be lost, and could actually really help us with our report.

I'm really scared for our report though. Its going to be in three weeks and there's so much to do. The research, the video, the presentation, the paper, the scrapbook, and the list goes on. I'm really hoping my super team pulls it off, because I really love my groupmates. Hello major subjects!

BC100 group report planning

I had lunch with my orgmates at the sky walk -- something I hadnt actually done. It was nice just sitting there and having people with me. I usually go straight to the gym and just kill time there. Unfortunately, the rain poured so hard before I got to the gym that I got totally drenched despite my protective measures (extra HUGE umbrella + my red parka). I like the rain, but not when my jogging pants stick to my legs afterwards.

lunch break

We played two games in PE and our team actually won the first game, Bulong Pari (Whisper to the Priest). But then in the second game, me and my parnter Mark didnt win. It's weird though, because the second game is perfect to play if you like your partner in a romantic way. Why? The game is basically like Duck Duck Goose, except you and your partner go together and are holding hands the ENTIRE TIME. I think I shall make sure I play this game when in the vicinity of my crush.

My MP 115 professor didnt show up and I was just relieved. We were asked to make a poem about a body part we loathed/loved and the persona of the poem had to be that body part. I chose my legs and made a poem, but its just so bad! I've heard the other people in my class write and they're just deep and full of meaning. My poems are shallow and have absolutely no lyrical poetry blah in them. I always end up sounding like I'm making fun of something (and I probably am). I guess I'm just not a born poet.

Finally, we had yet another GA and for some reason, though I just stood around, I actually enjoy them more and more each time. I was laughing half the time, and trying to listen (I did listen) the other half. And for some reason, I spent an extra amount of time after the GA, just standing in the CMC parking lot talking with the people who hadnt left. We were trying to come up with trivia for the application process.

By the way, I feel like a star. I actually have a picture in! Today blog posts, tomorrow the world!
ga again

Happy 20th Birthday kingdomofdreams!!!
I hope you enjoyed your special day!
Take care always and keep on smiling ♥
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