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Wonderful Week-End

I've been alive 19 years and have met so many people. Most of them make an impression but few of them really leave a mark. I've known Lee-Ann since we were in kinder. That was nearly 16 years ago. Through ups and downs, we managed to remain friends and gain more along the way.

Though I dont see my high school friends as often as I want to, when we do get together, its loads and loads of fun. That's why I've been looking forward to Lee's 19th birthday celebration since forever.

Right after my Comm 100 class, I dashed to National Bookstore on Quezon Avenue because I still hadn't gotten Lee's balloons. It's been a tradition with my friends that when someone celebrates their birthday, the others have to bring flowers, balloons and the cake.

Pigging out was fun and there were definitely a lot of laughs shared. I hadn't seen them since Hannahs birthday and that was just a long time ago.

pigging out at annabels

Last night, we (me, Ruth, Tel, Marian, Sandra, Christer and Tips -- I remembered ALL of us) performed at Fresh Freedom at the CMC Audi. It's so annoying though, because I forgot to bring the camera with me that morning! Gar... So many pictures I could have taken.

I borrowed Kimbe's org shirt and it actually fit. Still, despite the "practice" we did, we still managed to flub a bit. We missed an entire verse and thus ended too early. Still, it was nice to see we all forgot it at the same time. I hope it didnt look too obvious on stage though.

Its funny because I didnt finish my Freshie Night last year because it rained. This year, I actually stayed for the ENTIRE program -- all the way till the very last performance. This was kind of gutsy for me because I was going to be driving myself home. I hadn't driven at night without an "adult" who knew how to drive, so this was so brave of me.

But really, I just wanted to hang out with friends. I've been an org member for a semester and I feel like I dont really know anyone yet. After the program, we (Charles, Ely, Kimbe, Tips, Dana, Christer, Adie and I) headed over to Philcoa to sample yet another food gem, Ihaw1 (Ihawan: Grillery --> [Ihaw = to grill] + 1). I had the Chicken Tepan and it was really good. I thought I was hungry, but I guess I wasn't. It took me forever to finish the rice bowl, with help from everyone.

And since it was already 11:00, I decided to do a good deed by bringing Kimbe and Christer back to their dorms. For some reason, they were really calm in the car. I know I was nervous driving at night (for the first time at that), but everyone seemed to have normal heart rates -- or maybe they were just good at faking that cool exterior. Nevertheless, after dropping everyone off and ariving safely at home, I have to say I'm a more "experienced" driver and have a little more confidence in my driving "skills."

I'm going to miss dance practice.

lee and mee

and how can I finish without saying...

Happy 20th Birthday thisismorning
I hope you had a ginormously Fantabulous day
Hope to read more of your wonderful stories
Hugs to the sweetest ljfriend one can have ♥
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