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Might Collapse Occassionally

There's always a first time.

Yesterday, I actually drove to school ALONE. Okay, so Pamy was with me, but only until Sentral and she didnt really instruct me. She was too busy worrying whether she was going to make it out of the car alive. Still, I'm pretty proud of myself for making it that short distance from Sentral to CMC without dying.

shocked daw

What was I doing in school on a Wednesday? I came extra early because my org was going to have its Team Building activity. As a member of the MPRT (media and public relations team), I came in red our team's designated color and prepared for a morning of water-less fun with only P20.00 in my pocket.

Whats an MCO activity, if there arent any pictures to pose for. Before the team buidling even starts, we've already taken a bunch of shots.

Planned by the HRT, each team leaves the CMC parking lot 5 minutes apart and is supposed to follow a set of clues (a la Amazing Race). Thing is, each member of the team is only allowed P20.00 and their cellphone. Since only 4 of us at MPRT were available, it was going to be easy to move around, but our funds were also limited.

Before playing this, I actually wished I could join the Amazing Race. But I realized after this game, that I am very much out of shape. Running around got me tired quickly and I was out of breath half the time. From the CMC library to the Grandstand then onto the Math building complete with chowing on pulvuron while keeping the Mentos (which I really dont eat) in your mouth intact; then back to the AS lobby from where we (Con, Ynna, Dreo and I) walked to the Lagoon with our feet tied to each other! And I thought it was over, we had to blow a balloon along a cemented path till we could finally run back to the CMC parking lot.

I thought I would collapse half the time. I dont know how it feels to collapse or faint, but I think I was near it that day. And to think I still dont know who won.

team buidling

The afternoon was spent with freshmen blocks K3 and K6 as we fulfilled the FOPC requirement of the ABC (Alternative Block Class). I fumbled through my part, but I was just relieved when it was over. I mean, who am I to tell these freshies that I can balance my academics and the so-called social life, when really I suck at juggling. Nevertheless, it was a success and it felt good that it was over.

But my extremely long day was far from done. I headed straight to rehearsals for our dance number for the Freshie Night. I was already dead tired from the morning's activities and I just wanted to sleep, but hanging out with Sandra, Ruth, Christer, Kimbe and Ely at Flau's lovely boarding house perked me up a bit. My legs hurt, my arms ached, and I seriously hope I lost some weight.

dinner at kung food

After practice, Ely, Kimbe, Flau, Christer, and I trek again to Philcoa (the food mecca) and decide to try out Kung Food. They served Japanese food for really cheap prices, so I wasn't going to complain.

For someone who likes spending her time at home, I surely spent way too much time in school. Funny thing is, I actually had a lot of fun and I actually really enjoyed it.
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