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Balancing Act

I surprsingly dont feel so exhausted.

Sure PB left this morning and I just got home from school, but I dont feel way tired at all. A little lethargic, but not dead yet.

I woke up pretty early this morning and actually drove myself to school (with my brother, mom and aunt in the car too though) and I was afraid because I didn't want to be late for my BC 100 class at 8:30. PB was going to the airport already so that was kind of sad.

But there wasn't any time to mope, I had to "concentrate" in class. I dont know how I'm going to do this, but my first 3 hour class was looooooong. I know we'll be needing it for production classes, but lecture classes are just too damn draining. Yeah it was all introduction, but it was just too long for my short attention span.

Before my PE, I tried looking for my class card amongst the piles and piles of class cards. After thirty minutes of organizing them (I couldnt help it, the obsessive-compulsive side of me came out and actually arrange the damn things), I alas could not find MY class card. However, I did find my old PE teachers class card and saw that his student number starts with an 86! My student number is 05. I wasn't even born when he entered UP. And the thing is, he doesnt look old. Still, I cant find my classcard. boo.

I finally meet my MP 115 teacher. We're actually really little in class. I guess the creative writing part requires a small class. I was getting nervous, because the class before us had so many things to do in GROUPS and everyone just knows how much I love group works. I was relieved to find out that it was another class. I know I should be good in group works, because my course requires it, but I still prefer working alone. Anyway, I'm looking forward to this writing class. Hopefully I'll get better at writing in Filipino cause lord knows I stink at it.

Then I attended my 2nd GA and I'm so happy its on a Tuesday because I get off at 4pm and I dont have to wait around till it happens. We were so plenty! I don't think I've seen some of my orgmates like Jenica whom I've only met once before. I was half listening-half trying to learn a dance though.

On Friday, I'm going to be dancing with my other orgmates for the CMC Acquaintance Party. I'm nervous because I dont have the steps down perfect yet. I'm definitely going to have to practice a lot. Tiring, but fun. Props to Sandra, Tel, Marian, Ruth, Tips and choreographer Christer for working so hard on the dance. I cant wait till Friday, for more reasons than one.

That is considering I get through tomorrow's ABC with the Freshmen where I have to talk on balancing academics and social life. WHAT SOCIAL LIFE?!? Seriously. Oh well, must string words together and make it look good. Here goes nothing.
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