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Week One : Survived

My first week of school is finally OVER!!!

I just got home from my Saturday Comm 100 class and already have readings to go over. Bee-yoo-tee-ful. Despite the class being on a weekend morning, I'm still kind of looking forward to it, because I'm classmates with not just just Rinizzle, BUT Nizzle too!!! This is going to be such a blast.

I was worried that I wouldnt be able to hang out with them anymore after CWTS 1 because they're from FILM and I'm not. So glad this subject came along and we all miraculously had the same schedule despite not signing up for it. IZZLES are Love ♥

And just for the record, RINA ARANETA, YOU ARE TEH SEX! Dont let any ho get you down. And just for you, we're sitting in the back row next week. Actually we'll sit wherever you're most comfortable -- if you know what I mean. In your own words ika nga: "We'll move close to get close."

For those who have yet to send their dads a greeting card for Fathers Day, I come with gifts from one of my blogstalks, BWE. They've got an array of lovely greeting cards. I sent my dad this one because he just wouldnt understand the other pop cultural referrences (like the Nicole Richie or the Joe Simpson one). Click here if you want a part of the fathers day fun.

And in other funny news, I'm not Keannu Reeves biggest fan, but I dont think he sucks either. This witty fan, stands up for his idol in not less than 40 points on why he/she thinks Keannu Doesn't Suck. And to me, he really doesn't.
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