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The mind of a hurt girl

My little sister, Paola, whom I've shared my room with since she was born and have extended every courtesy to, and have tried to shower with everything she ever needed has double crossed me. That eight year old child, has gone behind my back and uninvited me from her little recognition day just because I was kidding her the night before.

Has she no sense of humor? She obviously knows that I cannot make a banner for her and hire fireworks to blast during her ceremony. I'm so proud of her. That's why I want to come and see her. Doesn't she know I'm just kidding? We were having fun last night and we weren't going to let any of what we said actually happen, as it was obviously impossible to have a plane fly over her school with a banner and now, that little girl uninvited me!

I feel so annoyed! Can't she even take a joke. When I was younger and got "pikon" at someone, my parents would freaking scold me for being too sensitive. Now, I'm the one being chastised. This is so silly.

That's why I refuse to have children! They're turning out to be such brats. I don't want to even try to become a nice mom, because obviously, kids turn out to be such horrible little creatures. What the crap is their problem? I have been so nice to her -- except for the occasional teasing, which is done to everyone in this house -- and this is what she has to say for herself?

I don't know if I'm just overreacting, but that girl has moved into my life and halved my room with me and she can't even take a joke. What am I supposed to do with her? Well, for now... I guess the silent treatment will have to do. I just feel so excluded. Thanks a lot, Paopie. That was really nice of you.
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