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Stuck On You

No, I didn't just watch the movie with Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon -- in fact, I heard it didn't do too well in the box office. I guess I'm just hung over -- not drunk either -- things. I can't seem to get over things these days. I seriously have to get myself busy. Boredom does things that I don't like too much, like thinking about things in the past.

I just find it annoying how I can't move on. I think I'm in a perpetual state of denial that it isn't even funny anymore. I'm always just thinking and contemplating and dwelling on things past that it gets sickening. Ironic how I find it tiresome, yet do it so often. The worst part is I'm the ONLY one stuck here. I'm the only one stranded. I'm the only one who can't get out of this stupid time warp that's obviously weighing me down.

I'm supposed to be enjoying. It's the so-called freaking time of my life. yeah right. That's bullshit -- haha!

I don't want to think yet here I am with my fingers flitting across the keyboard still thinking about it.

I have an idea though. How to get my find off things. Distractions. I read the ENTIRE Da Vinci Code in one sitting. That was a major page-turner. It stimulated my mind. That was great! For those few precious hours I thought of nothing but Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu. I have to admit that Robert Langdon appealed to me, but no one... and I reiterate this that NO ONE can replace my Michael Moscovitz / Marc Darcy love affair. Robert Langdon is just a bit too old for me. Although his intelligence and code breaking skills are quite impressive.

So the plan is to read more books. Heck, I was very interested in the book rather than (pardon the repetetiveness) dwell on things.

Here's to more books. **cheers**

Hopefully, I'll be stuck on them rather than --
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