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Brand New Sophie

Feels like yesterday that I was a Freshman. Today was the first day I really felt like a sophomore (other than the fact that I had a hell of a time at registration thanks to not being the priority) because there were actually people there who were supposed to be the freshmen.

I am no longer a freshman.

My org was able to get two HUGE blocks (K3: CommRes and K6: Journ) and as I stood there in front of them, I felt a little old. It was just a year ago that I was seated in those steps (and just for fun I wore the exact same thing I wore last year today). I also realized how small my block is. These people had thirty plus people, I only had 12.

And surprisingly, 2 out of 3 professors showed up today! I had my first ever Majors class for BroadComm. BC 100 with Prof Aseron. She is my adviser so I know her a bit, but it was nice to hear her talk about the class. She's super organized too. Our syllabus was so pretty and it had all the activities mapped out.

Speaking of activities, this subject requires a major group work. I'm just glad I've got kick ass group mates. I hate group works, so great groupmates make things a lot better. Of course, I'm in an all girl team again.

My PE this sem is Philippine Games and I actually have a foreign classmate. She's Japanese and her name is Sakiko! I didnt even know she was an exchange student till I spoke to her. I saw her Form 5 and saw that she had an 06 student number so I assumed she was a freshman. Then it surprised me that she had only THREE subjects! I was already going to pity her because she had to do manual enlistment on her first year.

Then I find out she's already 21 and she's here to learn FILIPINO. I can't believe it. She's Japanese and she wants to learn our language.

My MP 115 teacher didnt show up though. I'm kind of afraid because he's got this reputation of giving students an INCOMPLETE as a final grade because he loses their papers. This scares me because I for one do not want an INCOMPLETE. I know you can have it changed, but I'm just not into that. I'm really crossing my fingers that it isn't him, or if it is him, he snaps out of it. argh.

The first day was tiring, but I guess it was also kind of fun. I'm looking forward to new subjects and new friends. Sure, I've got crummy Saturday classes (Comm 100), but I guess I'd eventually have to go through with that. Sophomore year is starting to look promising.
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