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Just A Little Bit Longer

Spending the "long" weekend (really just three days, as compared to a normal two day weekend) in Baguio was definitely a great way to end my summer. Of course the fact that summer is ending is never a great thing, but at least I got to spend it with my complete family (and more!) in a place a little colder than good old sweltering Manila.

I used to think that the trips up were extra long, but I guess that was just the kid in me talking. Because despite leaving in the afternoon, the trip going there didnt feel like forever at all. I guess I'm really getting old.

Since we had my dad's brother with us and his wife too, the van was as full as ever. Still, if we managed to fit more people before, two grown ups was going to be a piece of cake. I sat in front in between my dad and PB. I'd never sat in front during a the longer trips, so it was a first for me. Of course, we had to play our game of guessing what time we would get to Baguio. I guessed 11:30 pm considering we left our house at 4:30pm. It was pretty pessimistic and I didnt think I would win.

Even with the stop over at Luisita to eat at Maxs Chicken, I actually won the game. I don't think I've ever won the guessing the time game ever, so this was really monumental for me. We stayed at the Mile Hi Inn in Camp John Hay. Boy has John Hay changed. I hadn't been to Baguio in a few years and there have been so many changes. It feels a lot more commercialized now. I'm not going to complain, but I guess I liked the old John Hay better, complete with green and white wooden cottages and the park and tennis courts and the skating rink. I loved skating there and playing in the slides. Now its so full of restaurants and shops. At least the main park is still there.

Obviously since we arrived late, we all just dropped dead upon arrival. The next day though, we decided to the sporty activities they had to offer. We did the rapelling, flying fox thing. I'm not afraid of heights, so it was no problem for me. It was actually fun! Hanging by a harness isnt something I want to do for a long time, but for a few minutes, I dont mind.

I pity the guy pulling on my harness though, because not only did he have to haul me, he had to haul ALL my siblings. And our combined weight is something for the record books. It was fun though. Rapelling down was a little scarier because i had to lean back and not hold onto anything. Sure I'm harnessed, but that damn string could have broken and I could have fallen off. there goes my imagination.

I was feeling bad that evening, so I stayed in and slept. It felt really good just resting. Thats what vacations are really all about. My bed was a bunk too and I'd never slept on the top bunk before so it was fun for me. The next day, I woke up early on my own (thanks to the extra snoozing hours) and felt a lot better. We were supposed to visit my hundred year old great grand aunt (who also happens to be a carmelite nun), but she was in Pampanga getting treated for her heart problems.

We usually go to Burnham park to bike or skate, but when we got there, it was so freaking full! It seriously looked like a market and I just wasn' t in the mood to have to go through all the people. So we find ourselves back in good ol John Hay. Unfortunately, we've actually eaten in every single place there and there really isn't much to do, unless we golf (and we dont), so instead we take a stab at billiards.

Just so everyone knows. We dont play billiards. I watch it on TV, and it looks easy, but its NOT. I suck at it so bad. I think I only got one ball in and that was cause it was right in front of the hole. We took two tables, and only my dad and his brother were any good. The rest of us wannabe pool players sucked so bad. Still, it never hurt to pose and pretend like we actually knew what we were doing.

MY WHOLE FAMILY front row (L-R): PB and Paola
back row (L-R): Pietro, Pamy, dad, mom, me and Pio

We left this morning at 4:30 am and actually reached Manila by 10:00am. So not bad, considering we stopped for breakfast at McDonalds. Even if it wasn't as cold in Baguio as I had hoped it would be, the weather was pretty good. It didnt rain too much and it was just a little colder than Manila. I dont think I could spend more days in Baguio because there were so many people and my head was hurting from the amount. Still, it was good to get away even just for a bit.

Tomorrow, I'm back to the reality of school. Here we go with yet another semester. Bah. I have to wake up early again (7:30am at the latest so I can reach my 8:30 first class which I doubt any teacher would really attend) and trudge to school every day. I cannot wait for the sembreak. Really.
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