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Back in a Flash


I've always wanted to write that. I'm going to Baguio this weekend with my entire family (and more), so that should be fun. We usually leave for Baguio in the early morning, but since siblings are still in school, we'll have to wait till they get off school. I've never travelled to Baguio at night, so this should really be exciting.

And I'm done with Registration!!! If I didn't have to cancel LA 1 (which had a conflict with my schedule), I would have been done way earlier. But its all good. I tried looking for an MST/SSP with Anna, but with no such luck.

What's funny is when I lined up to pay (after all the hullabaloo), I was expecting a really long line. But guess what? There was NO LINE. I think the reason for this is that everyone's still looking for subjects. Gar, manual enlistment.
Tags: college sophomore, travel, vacation
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