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The T Word

According to my unreliable, unfactual statistics, the probability of me finishing registration in one day, when:
  1. I am a sophomore
  2. I come from a NON-Tri-coll-college (Mass Comm)
  3. My family name starts with an L (as opposed to A-F)
  4. I did not get an MST (only the most difficult domain to obtain a subject from)
were really just ZERO.

If I never have to hear the word TRI-COLL (tri-col stands for the three (tri) colleges [CSSP, CAL and CS] who supply most of the GE subjects) in my life, I so wouldnt mind. So coming to school early today didnt really matter. The only thing coming early did was force me to spend more hours in a school that clearly didnt want to give me any subjects.

There are a grand total of 15 MST subjects for the entire UP Diliman. Give or take there are 20,000 students, and every student needs to take 5 MST subjects, there obviously needs to be A LOT of these subjects.

Notice how I didnt even bother to divide. This is how bad my math skills have gotten. I am in obvious need of some education in the MST area. But can I get one?

Subjects that I've already taken
1. Math 1
2. STS
3. Env Sci 1
Subjects that were closed upon arrival
1. MBB 1
2. Geol 1
3. Math 2
Subjects that refuse to take anyone outside the Tri-Coll
1. Chem 1
2. Bio 1
3. Physics 10
4. Nat Sci 1
5. Nat Sci 2
Subjects that allowed a waiting list
1. MS 1 (didnt really matter because they closed it anyway)
Subjects that were taking people on Thursday OR Friday
1. EEE 10
2. ES 1
3. GE 1

After just one day, I feel so tired already.

I must say, I'm glad this day didnt go to waste (totally). I was able to obtain a TF schedule for Philippine games! That totally made my day.

Congratulations to all those that finished today. You guys are seriously my heros.

Happy Birthday to genrocks!!!
I hope you enjoyed your day, birthday girl!
Take care always!
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