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You're so Vain

I guess Singapore not only made my brother become a really responsible student; it also made him SUPER VAIN.

I dont know whether to blame it on Singapore or his genes (both my grandfathers were total vain-os and my dad is too), but it is safe to say that he is vainer than me -- not that I'm very hard to beat.

We went to Greenhills yesterday to go shopping and this guy LOVES to shop. Being tall and thin lean helps too. He fit into everything he tried on and was afraid that things were "too big" for him. Thank goodness for our conscience though, because we actually stopped buying when we saw realized that we were carrying too many bags from only three hours of shopping. We even went to Kamuning to have pants made and his shirts *gasp* "smaller."

I'm not complaining though. This has been my dream. I've always wanted to dress my brothers up and at least knowing I have one victim is enough for me.

Finally, bye-bye-bye to summer. Tomorrow is the beginning of registration and that means the kiss of death to my uber short summer break. Boo.
Tags: malls, siblings, vacation
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