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Abnormal Body Clock

My body clock is seriously messed up.

I find myself laying in bed by 10pm and yet I can't actually bring myself to sleep. I just fidget there. And I keep thinking of what I can do the next day or so on. I end up getting up and just doing things.

I must say, I was more productive today. I was able to:
  • Fix my clothes cabinet
  • Back up my files
And I've realized that after fixing my clothes, I have way too many orange and red tshirts, too little pink ones and average amount of yellow ones (though bordering on too little, considering its my "favorite" color).

I also have too many house clothes and sleepwear and to think I'm barely in them. But mostly, for someone who feels hot all the time, I've got a lot of jackets. I live in a tropical country and I have jackets galore. Of course, my collection does not rival those of my classmates in highschool who had a different jacket on everyday, but I've got a lot for me.

And since its a new school year, I think I deserve some new clothes. Greenhills here I come! Also according to PB, we have totally destroyed our computer. So he wants to fix it. Thus, it means back up. Thank goodness I've backed up 75% of my music because it would take forever to organize it. **out comes my anal self** Now, all I had to fix were pictures and icons (took forever too), but since I'm up anway, might as well do it.

I seriously have to fix my body clock or the school year will be a horrible one for me.

Happy Birthday to
starburst64 and julianamaria !!!
Hope you both a fabulous day!
Take care always!
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