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Lets Go Janna!

Who knew things would go this way?

We didnt even have to wait ten yers for the yearbook prophecies to come true. Just a year out of high school and dear Janna is already an artista.

I sat through through part of the first episode of Let's Go (ABS-CBNs newest teen offering Saturdays at 4pm) and though I' not yet solid on my opinion on the show, it was nice to see Janna again.

She was such a natural on camera because it was like the Janna we saw in the classroom. Gorgeous and funny and really witty all the same time. And although she is acting, I have to say that I'm really impressed by her. She had a goal and followed through with it. She kind of makes me want to do more things.

No, I dont want to act. But I do want to follow through on some dreams I've been having. If only I got off my ass to actually do something. The hard part is, getting off my ass.

According to someone on the Forums of the show, its somewhat similar to the Korean tv show Non Stop 5 which then stars Han Hyo Joo from Spring Waltz. Janna is now in a six degrees of separation from Han Hyo Joo!

That means, I AM six degrees away from Daniel Henney!!! How cool is that? How did it happen?

Patty is friends with Janna who stars in a show, that is loosely based on Non Stop 5, which stars Han Hyo Joo who stars in Spring Waltz, with Daniel Henney!!!

Tcharan! Its magic!

So congratulations to Janna on her tv show and thanks for making me just a little bit closer (4 degrees to be exact) away from Daniel.
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