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May : One Love (Loveholic)

Clearer than the blue sky up high
Brighter than the warm shining, eye-piercing sun
that only which overflows the heart
That must be love

Heavier than the scent of
a fully blossomed flower
More bittersweet than
the spring rain that falls

that which only entrances is
This world is only

One love, i love you so
love is the beautiful one
i love you so, love is the beautiful one
all we need is love
one love, real love

More hopeful than the prairie waiting
for refreshment from the overflowing channel
more dazzling than the many rainbows adorned
that only which is beuatiful
The world is only

Whatever the sentiment, whatever the expression
The most beautiful thing in the world is love

translated by Soonjap at the Soompi-Forums

Dont laugh, but I've beens o addicted to Spring Waltz, that I've listened to nothing BUT the soundtrack (Of course with some American Idol). Anyway, it didnt matter that the song was in Korean. I loved it. So I found what the hell it meant in english, and though I'm not sure if the translation is exact, I get the message.

I need my Spring Waltz on DVD!!! Too bad it'll come out in August. I cannot wait that long.
Tags: asianovelas, song of the month
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