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The O.C.

The Clique
I like this show. I like the characters. I like the boys. It's very simple. These people don't look like they belong in high school, but who's complaining? They're pretty looking people and they appeal to their crowd. Still, it never hurt to have the cutest boys.

Benjamin McKenzie rocks my body. He is just so cute! The bad boy from Chino vibe is too much to handle. Although, I find it unrealistic, that Seth's parents would adopt him right off the bat, but that's why it's called a show, now isn't it? Ryan is the obvious favorite. He's really endearing. With his good boy charm, yet bad boy exterior, he's a surefire winner. Pamy, who isn't even a fan of the show, likes him. He's just got this vibe that spells R-E-A-L. Okay, maybe not your average boy next door, but he seems real. It's like he's not as perfect as all those Newport Kids and he's going to steal the show. No pun intended.

Marissa, played by Mischa Barton is a doll. Really, she looks like one. I have no complaints on her looks because she really is beautiful. And I'm not really one to comment on acting, as I have no background and experience in that area, but she isn't half bad. I like her. In fact, she's so like-able, I feel protective of her. Despite her character's unstableness, her reed thin looks can definitely pull of that gorgeous next door girl who can't make up her mind character.

Seth, played by Adam Brody is the sweetest dork on earth. I cannot see why Summer has not fallen for him. I know that she will (thanks to the episode guides), but why are they casting him aside as some loser. I think he's perfectly fine. And I mean fine both ways. He's not half bad looking and he's just too sweet. If anyone could remember the poem I wrote back in grade school, and named his boat after me, I would find it freaky, but sweet. More on freaky of course. Still, I think he's a sweetie.

And of course, Summer, played by Rachel Bilson. I like to call her a preferred taste. She can be nice, but she can be a user too. The thing with her is that despite her bitchy character, she doesn't come off that way in real life -- not that I know by experience. She can be really nasty, but I don't hate her. In fact, I kind of think she's the spice to the show. You don't really see her, but she adds a lot of flavor.

Over all, the kids from The O.C. are definitely HOT right now. Just like the Olsen Twins, they're in right now and that's how they got on the list. The difference between them and the twins though, is that I definitely like this bunch.

**out of a possible five

Yeah baby! The rich kids strike gold!
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